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Unexplained radioactive iodine seems to be everywhere

Nov 15, 2011

It is covering Europe, and no one is able to explain its source...


Here is another article identifying it as radioactive iodine--the kind that can kill the thyroid.


Reuters notes that elevated levels of radioactive iodine have been detected in Germany, Sweden, Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.

The Stockholm News reports that Denmark and Poland are also experiencing heightened radiation.

NHK notes that Russia has been hit as well.

So far, I have not seen any news about North America, but if it is covering much of Europe, there is no telling where else it will be reported.

I do not know the concentration of this radioactive iodine, or if Europeans should consider taking potassium iodate yet. But we do need to monitor the situation closely, because what we don't know really may kill us, if we are not careful. It is doubtful if anyone will immediately drop dead, of course, but if it destroys our thyroid gland, then we'll be dependent upon thyroid medication for the rest of our lives. Unless, of course, God does a miracle of healing.

My suggestion is to be prepared for anything. We still have potassium iodate for sale on our site, and we send out instructions for us with each order. Iodate is the last item on the list below:


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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