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The MF Global bankruptcy undermines the entire system

Nov 18, 2011

On October 31, 2011 MF Global filed for bankruptcy. That was bad enough, but then it got much worse when the rule of law fell apart. The whole system of buying futures was destroyed, and anyone who had made contracts on the futures markets suddenly ran the risk that their insured funds were no longer insured. It's like paying premiums on an insurance policy, only to find out--when you need it--that the insurance company refuses to pay the claim.



This is of special interest to me, because ten years ago, it was on October 31st that we received lawful cause to prosecute the Satanists in the Divine Court case known as Ye Shall Surely Perish. This occupied the first 5 days of the prayer campaign known as Entering the Millennium of Rest.

As we watch the results of this ten years later, I am amazed at the number of different applications this prayer campaign is showing now. We thought it was mostly about human sacrifice. But God then extended its application to the doctrine of the burning hell, and events this year from Oct. 31 to Nov. 11 proved it. Perhaps some day I can tell the story.

In the financial arena, the bankruptcy of MF Global on Oct. 31 connects Ye Shall Surely Perish to the economic system in America. The laws have been violated in relation to futures contracts, because the system itself allows men like John Corzine to steal people's investments with immunity from prosecution. When the European debt situation hits the crisis point, all of those insured bonds will be worthless, because the insurance companies will not be able to pay off all the claims. Many US banks and hedge funds are heavily invested in European debt. They insured themselves against losses, but the losses will be so enormous that the insurance companies will be unable to pay the claims.

It will be a lot like AIG in 2008. AIG was the insurance giant who could not pay all the claims on the insured accounts and financial instruments when they were overwhelmed with claims. AIG had to be bailed out by the government. But this will not happen again, because the government will be unable to bail out such institutions again. Anyone who thinks that their accounts or funds are "insured" can no longer have any real sense of security.

The effects of this are enormous. Fortunately, not everyone really comprehends the danger, so the panic has not yet really taken hold.

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