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Israeli-Palestinian peace process near dead

Nov 02, 2011

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu announced yesterday that more settlement housing would be built in East Jerusalem as a result of UNESCO's recognition of Palestine as a state.

These settlements are illegal by international law. It is a continuing example of the Israelis thumbing their nose at the UN and the community of nations. If any other country would do this, the US would be pressing for another war to enforce international law. This is another example of the double standards that we have employed in regard to the Israelis.

All men are created equal, but some men are more equal than others.

The Israeli move is going to make it more difficult for the USA to veto a UN Security Council vote to recognize Palestine as a state. That vote is scheduled for Nov. 11.

By the way, double standards are forbidden by the the biblical laws of equal weights and measures. This is upheld by Jesus Himself in Matt. 7:2. This law simply means that if you judge others by some standard of measure, then God will hold you accountable by that same standard of measure. The USA and the Israeli state have both supported the UN's judgment of other nations, including Iraq, for not complying with its decrees and laws. That means God will hold us accountable by the same standard of measure. In other words, I know of a couple nations that are about to get bitten in the rear.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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