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Israeli government ministers now approve strike against Iran

Nov 07, 2011


According to the Debkafile, an Israeli intelligence news source, the Israeli government is now united in approving the plan to attack Iran. They have been led to believe that Iran does have a nuclear weapon. Whether this new discovery is true or just another lie to induce everyone to support such an attack remains to be seen.

President Obama issues only mild protests in public, and the Israelis are taking this as a tacit green light. Public hand-wringing and disclaimers are just diplomatic maneuvers in politics.

Our prayer campaigns in past years have ensured that when such an attack does take place, it will be on God's time table. Although political events are moving swiftly toward war, I am still not convinced that it will necessarily happen in 2011. My prayer is that God would give us a bit more time to prepare.

Meanwhile, if you have not stocked up on potassium iodate, I suggest doing so before this war breaks out. If you wait until afterward, every supplier will run out of it within days. Remember last March when the Fukishima disaster took place? We ran out of our supply in a day and it took  weeks to resupply. There were people selling potassium iodate (and iodide) for $3,000 per bottle on ebay. We have some in stock, if you need it. Click on the link below and scroll down to the bottom of the page:


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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