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Excerpt from The Keys of Wiggleworth's Power

Nov 25, 2011

The following excerpt is taken from The Keys of Wigglesworth's Power by Peter J. Madden: 

Passing the Mantle

The secret of his anointing was faith, the rock of brokenness, and the fire of the Holy Spirit. But the central and supreme factor is his life, upon which these were based, was the depth of the outworking of the Cross in his life. It was that factor that removed Wigglesworth (the natural man) from view, so that only the new man, formed by God and joined intimately with Him, could be seen.

...One of the greatest events in Wigglesworth's life happened while he was staying at the home of the Stormont family in England. It wasn't a spectacular miracle of a seemingly phenomenal event in comparison with what many consider to be phenomenal events, yet it was one of the most significant experiences that Wigglesworth had. 

Wigglesworth told George Stormont that God had spoken to him.

It might seem odd that this should affect Wigglesworth in such a manner, for Jesus spoke to him every day. But somehow this time was different and special. George Stormont gave this firsthand account of the incident in his book, 
Wigglesworth: A Man Who Walked with God:
When Smith Wigglesworth stayed in our home once, he came down early one morning and told me,
 "God spoke to me on your bed."

"What did He say?" I asked.

"He said, 'Wigglesworth, I am going to burn you all up, until there is no more Wigglesworth, only Jesus.'"

Standing at the foot of the stairs, he raised his hands to heaven, and with tears running down his cheeks, he cried, "O, God, come and do it! I don't want them to see
 me anymore - only Jesus!"
This was his message; this was his cry. This was the prophetic work that God did in him, and that He must do in all of us, so that we all may be living letters to a dying world. This was the secret of Wigglesworth's power. This is the essence of revival. 

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