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Dow rises by 490 points

Nov 30, 2011

Something good is happening.

Five central banks, led by the Fed, are announcing a bailout plan for European banks. I think a lot of this is misinformation, but nonetheless the dow shot up 490 points today.

That looks to me like a "Blessed Time" number. I don't recall it ever happening before. First of all, to see a 490-point increase in the dow in one day is highly unusual because of its sheer size. But to end on that note has to be prophetic of something good.

Because of interruptions, the capstone could not be placed on the pyramid yesterday. It had to wait until late this afternoon. That was about the time that the stock market closed here. Is there a connection? I don't know yet, but what we did was certainly a "Blessed Time" event.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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