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UN Security Council schedules vote on Palestinian statehood for November 11

Oct 22, 2011


Palestinian diplomats are trying to muster support for a U.N. Security Council vote in New York on Nov. 11 on their bid for membership in the global body, a senior Palestinian official said Thursday.

November 11 is a watch day for us.

It is 11-11-11 on the calendar.

It is 490 days from July 9, 2010 when we threw barley meal into the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

It is the 4000th day since Nov. 29, 2000, when we saw the overthrow of Jerusalem (pattern of King David conquering the city in 2 Sam. 5:7). The next day ended the 7-1/2 year transition from Saul to David.

It is when 13 Mayan elders have their "Gateway Ceremony" in Los Angeles, also known as the Crystal Skull ceremony.


It seems that the calendar is getting crowded on that day.

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