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Stone Kingdom Ministries St. Louis Conference Report

Oct 19, 2011

Our "group" is as diverse as they come. We are a cross-section of many denominations and movements. I like this, because in my opinion we have assembled the best representatives of the Church without anyone being forced to believe anything. We all have in common a desire to know God better through the Word and through the prophetic understanding of the Divine Plan.

Unity in diversity seems to be God's plan for us. We are all coming out of traditions of men and are seeking to know the Truth.

We are well represented by Charismatics and others who have had genuine experiences with the Holy Spirit. We have also seen false manifestations and are therefore cautious not to accept everything we see as if it were genuine.

A year ago the Lord revealed that we needed to become more balanced in our spiritual diet. As a whole, we had concentrated more on quail than on manna, and quail-filled Christians needed to eat more manna. We had received plenty of knowledge in regard to the divine plan (Ex. 16:6), but were a little short on seeing the glory of the Lord (Ex. 16:7). We will always be students of the Word, but at some point we must put into practice the things we have learned. We have to become interns to get some hands-on experience. It is good to study the power of God as manifested in the prophets and apostles, but now God is requiring us to implement that power in our own lives.

So we were led to ask Vinnie to come to the pot-luck (communion table), knowing that God had blessed him with more manna than most of us had. He, too, has been feasting on some quail that we have been able to provide, so we all become more balanced and more fully equipped to do the work that lies ahead.

Vinnie was asked to speak at the St. Louis conference earlier this month, and his second session took many beyond their comfort zones. This has provided food for thought for all of us. I did talk to some who were prayed for, and they reported that it was like they were struck in "the core" of their being. They fell, not on purpose, but because their legs literally buckled from under them. Many did report inner changes that God did in their hearts.

Of course, I have not been able to talk to everyone involved, so I do not know every story. But James has compiled a few stories in a recent report, along with an emailed message from Vinnie himself.


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