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Short video of people being arrested trying to withdraw their money from Citibank

Oct 17, 2011


Are they crazy?

This is the quickest way to cause a bank run.

Don't they know that once people find out that you can be arrested for withdrawing your money from the bank, they will remove it as quickly as possible, even if by other means?

Citibank Public Affairs issued the following statement regarding today's incident: "A large number of protesters entered our branch at 555 La Guardia Place around 2:00 PM today. They were very disruptive and refused to leave after being repeatedly asked, causing our staff to call 911. The Police asked the branch staff to close the branch until the protesters could be removed. Only one person asked to close an account and was accommodated."

If their statement is true, then this just indicates that "Occupy the World" includes the occupation of Citibank. The conflict is escalating, regardless.

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