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More thoughts on the NESARA article

Oct 15, 2011

This report on NESARA is not a main CNN news report. It is a spinoff from CNN called ireport.cnn.

Nonetheless, it is posted using the CNN site, and after 3 days the article is still posted. Certainly, the main CNN branch must know of it by now, and the fact that they have not deleted it should count for something.

Having said that, CNN says of all these iReports, iReport is a user-generated section of CNN.com The stories here come from users. CNN has vetted only the stories marked with the "CNN" badge.

This is a disclaimer so that they don't get sued.

Another fact is that the article was written by someone affiliated with


That's a pretty far-out site.

My theory: It looks like someone in a position of power behind the scenes has forced the outing of the NESARA law into the public arena. CNN was picked to do this, and insofar as they objected to this, they posted an article from a far-out site that few would find credible.

I cannot vouch for all that is in the article, because I am not privy to such secret things. Nonethteless, from what I have heard from my own credible sources, most (if not all) of the article is true. The few items from the article that I can vouch for, I would not do so anyway, because knowing such things can be detrimental to one's vital signs.

Meanwhile, I am doing some of my own investigation to see what I can learn about this.

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