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Lindsay Williams on 2012

Oct 18, 2011


I listened to this hour-long interview with Lindsay Williams this morning, believing that there was something very important on it that I needed to know. I recommend it--especially the final ten minutes.

A summary of what he said is this:

Debt and Foreclosure

The Elite (i.e., the powers that think they be) intend to take total control of the world in 2012 through foreclosure on massive public and private debt. The debts they have created are mostly secured by real assets, and it is their plan to end up owning everything and make us a nation of renters. (The solution is a Jubilee.)

They have worked to put every nation, state, and city under massive debts, and then contract the economy so that tax revenues fall sharply. This makes the debts unpayable, and the only "solution" is to borrow more to make the interest payments. This increases the debt massively, and then the banks will foreclose on everything, using the police and military to "enforce the law."

Watch Greece, because this reveals the pattern for the rest of the world. The Elite are buying Greek bonds at enormous interest rates with the expectation of foreclosing on the whole country and its assets. When Greece defaults--as they know it will--they will not really have lost anything, because the money loaned to Greece had been created out of nothing. In essence, a foreclosure is a purchase of real property using money created out of thin air.

By the end of 2012, all private wealth secured with paper (or electronic bank accounts) will be lost. America will default on its debt as well.

Silver Sales

America began its new fiscal year on October 1. On that day this year the US Mint sold 737,000 silver eagles (1 oz. coins) in one day. They had dropped the price of both gold and silver in order to buy up as much as they possibly could at cheap prices. Gold and silver are THEIR CURRENCY.

Lindsay urges everyone to buy gold or silver while the prices are still low. Three years ago he had urged people to buy gold when it was still $600 per ounce. Now it is over $1600, and silver is under $32/oz.

Methods of Foreclosure

When America defaults, everyone on Social Security or welfare will continue to receive checks in the mail, because the Elite do not want riots in the streets. That is what scares them about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The Elite have two methods of foreclosure:

1. If you can't make payments on the mortgage.
2. If you can't pay the taxes on the property. The government will take the property, and the government will be owned by the banks that are owned by the Elite.

Lindsay urges people to have money set aside to pay for 3 years worth of property taxes to prevent government foreclosure over non-payment of taxes. Of course, that money would have to be in the form of gold or silver, because money will be relatively worthless. When the deadline for tax payments draws near, people can just sell some silver or gold at current prices (i.e., convert it to money at the exchange rate available at the time) and then pay the taxes with it.

Fear as a method of control

The government, in cooperation with the media, have spread fear among the people in order to control them. Fear of terrorist attacks, fear of comet Hale-Bopp some years ago, now fear of comet Elenin. Doctors say that fear shuts down the brain, so people cannot think.

The Devil's Messiah

This is not an "Antichrist" figure, but an agenda that these Elite have been using for at least a century to remove the God that made America great. They know that they cannot accomplish their purpose without removing God from government, schools, all public places, and finally from the churches and private families.

It began in earnest with the removal of prayer in the schools, replacing it with the teaching of evolution. When children are told that they are animals, they will behave like animals.

(Note: This shows the importance of our Declaration of Identity which we have prayed this past year. We will act according to who we believe we are.)

The agenda for America in 2012 is to de-moralize America. That is, America must be made amoral, "without morals." (In other words, lawless.)

The Elite are about 3 months behind in their plan, because they had trouble running Col. Ghadaffi out of power in Libya. A year ago, Lindsay said that in about 3 months the Elite would begin to disrupt the Middle East. That began to happen about 3 months later in January of 2011 when Tunisia's government fell, followed by Egypt, and now Libya. Syria, Bahrain, and Yemen are all being affected by this. It was not a spontaneous movement, but planned behind the scenes by the Elite.

Discord among the Elite

There is great discord and dissention among the Elite now. They do not love each other, but stick together because they have a general common purpose of controlling the earth. But they are like iron mixed with clay (Dan. 2:41) that does not have true unity based on love.

The Elite have a think tank to help them with analysis and to suggest courses of action. These somehow know that there is going to be some kind of divine manifestation occurring in 2012, and this frightens them. They do not know what it is. (Perhaps their remote viewers are prevented from seeing us since we are protected by a spiritual canopy.)

Lindsay then explains 2 Peter 3:8 that a day is as a thousand years. He relates it to the 6 days of creation, at the end of which God created man. He shows that we are at the end of 6,000 years in roughly the year 2000. He relates this to the birth of Christ, showing that Jesus is now 12 years old and must be about His Father's business in the Temple. It is the age of bar-mitzvah, when the son is recognized as an adult and can also do the Torah readings in the temple or synagogue. Thus, Jesus was in the temple doing this, and His explanations astonished the scholars of the law.

The think tank believes that 2012 will see divine manifestations (not interventions). The example of Daniel in the lions' den is given. God did not intervene to stop Daniel from going into the lions' den, but He went with him and manifested His presence by stopping the mouths of the lions.

This scares the Elites along with their think tank.

(Note: They have reason to be frightened. We have completed all spiritual warfare assigned to us thus far. We have been victorious in every battle. We have prepared for these manifestations this past year with our Declaration of Identity and with our "Quail and Manna" Glory Conference. We have prayed and prepared for the Open Door ministry to bring the presence of Christ wherever we go. We are the Elite's worst nightmare.)

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