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Watch Date Sept. 22

Sep 19, 2011

In the past week we have seen increasing evidence that we are presently in a parallel time to the spiritual warfare that occurred in July. "July is like September," the revelation says. The Angel of the Waters prayer campaign in July is being seen this month in terms of Operation Jericho and other matters.

Operation Jericho was primarily focused upon The Seven Churches of Revelation 2 and 3, with the warfare seeing the fall of the denominational walls in the Church as well as the dividing wall (Eph. 2) being torn down. Though the Jericho march began on Sept. 11, a friend found himself in Smyrna, Delaware on Sept. 6 just off Route 13. This was obviously the start of something, since the Israelites made 13 trips around Jericho before the walls fell. Smyrna is one of the Seven Churches as well.

Other things occurred on Sept. 6 to indicate that something was set into motion on that date as a direct parallel to July 6.

Recall that the Dalai Lama began his campaign of building the sand mandala in D.C. on July 6, but we were not called into spiritual warfare until the night of July 15. The victory was won on July 18, and the warfare ended July 20. We then saw the backlash (alternative target) hit Oslo, Norway on July 22.

We are now far enough into the current month to see that there are extremely important developments going on in the Church world, both positive and negative. It is positive for the overcomers; it is negative for the institutional church (house of Saul).

For now, however, I just want to put out the warning about Sept. 22, which is a watch date running parallel to the Oslo massacre July 22. Be in prayer for protection, be watchful, don't let down your armor.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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