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Warning from the former President of the Budapest Stock Exchange

Sep 29, 2011

Here is a dire warning from a man who is in a position to know. He believes that the European Union is doomed along with the euro itself as a currency. He believes that the Greek government will have no choice but to default, and that this will cause a financial and political earthquake and apocalypse in Europe. A news report says,

"On Wednesday another exec at UniCredit, Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy, the Head of Global Securities Services at UniCredit Group and the former President of the Budapest Stock Exchange, wrote an op-ed with a more severe warning."


There is not enough money in Europe to bail out the EU nations. Perhaps they will accept a bailout from the Kings of the East. If so, it will mark the end of Mystery Babylon and the rise of the Kings of the East.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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