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The Laws of Time in the physical and spiritual worlds

Sep 30, 2011

Time cycles usually portray a cause-and-effect relationship between two events. Something begins on one date and ends (or completes) at the end of the cycle. But when we engage in spiritual warfare, we often see repeating patterns on the same dates in later years. It is almost like events are recycled in a slightly different manifestation. The events are the same from year to year, but yet different.

The way I have explained this phenomenon in the past is that this appears to be a cosmic battle. As the earth goes around the sun, each year we return to the same place on the battlefield where the war is being fought. As we pass, we may catch glimpses of this cosmic battle. The battlefield is the same each year as we pass the scene, but it has also changed to reflect the progression of the war.

And so, for instance, on Sept. 11, 2001 we saw the Twin Towers fall, and ten years later we saw Operation Jericho.

Often in my early years of hearing God's voice, I would have a question to ask the Lord. I learned that the first thing to do was to go back into my records to see what God might have said in past years on that same date. I discovered more often than not that He had given me the answer to my question in a previous year on the same date.

God loves doing things in reverse. He loves to give us the answer before we even think of the question. That way we know it is from Him, because it is a small manifestation of His sovereignty (and humor). This is also how I learned the importance of dating every revelation. I discovered that the date of a revelation has something to do with its fulfillment. Sometimes even the time of day or the location is significant.

Recently, I was reading a book called The Source Field Investigations, by David Wilcock. He speaks of a discovery by a Russian physicist named Simon Shnoll, who studied the behavior of chemical or biological reactions and found that they tend to react with the same fingerprint if done at the same time the next day, or on the same day a year later. On pages 220-222, Wilcock explains this:

Most scientists expect that all physical, chemical, biological and radioactive processes will start small, steadily build up to a nice peak, and then glide nicely back down to zero--in a path that looks the same going down as it did going up. Any time the graph doesn't fit into a smooth bell curve like this, scientists are trained to throw the data away--by a simple process they call normalization.

Professor Shnoll decided not to throw the data away. It's easy to understand why, because he found the graphs were not normal at all--they were very unusual. Sometimes these reactions would race up to maximum intensity, then plummet almost all the way back down to zero. Then, just as quickly, they would rush all the way back up to the peak again. They may even do this three times in a row over a short period of time. That's not a smooth flow at all....

Just go take a walk--and think about how many physical, chemical and biological reactions there are. . . There are trillions of these various reactions going on--just within the area your eyes can see. Shnoll found that every single atom and energy wave around you is doing the same weird thing at the same time--racing forward and backward in very specific patterns. These patterns are almost as unique as a fingerprint...

By the year 1985 Shnoll had discovered that any physical, chemical, biological or radioactive reactions do look the same, if you graph them out at the same time--even when they were measured in areas that were thousands of kilometers apart. This would mean that every single atom, every single molecule and every burst of energy on earth is going through the exact same hiccups at the same time--at the very tiny, or quantum, level.... Space and time itself is doing this bizarre dance, on a level at least as massive as the entire earth--since we're all being affected by it.

So this physicist discovered that every natural chemical change had something in common as long as it was being done at precisely the same time. Or the next day at the same time. Or the next year at the same time. On page 227 and 228, he confirmed my own observations of time by writing:

Repeating Cycles of Time

If time is an energy in space that we move through, then how can we be so sure it only travels forward--into what we think of as the future? Einstein assumed that time is one-dimensional, meaning it can only move forward--in a single, straight line. That may have been his single biggest mistake. Is it possible that when the earth returns to the same orbital position it had been in before, relative to the Sun, that it could be returning to an area of time--a structured region within the Source Field--that has similar properties and influences as it had before?

That's exactly what Professor Shnoll discovered. Graph out any physical, chemical, biological, or radioactive reaction and study the fingerprint you get from it. Now come back exactly one rotation of the earth--twenty-four hours--later. . . and your graph will be almost identical to the one you saw twenty-four hours before. Then check again one year later--and a very similar fingerprint again shows up....

In short, every molecule on earth, down at the quantum level, is somehow being directly affected by the earth's movement through space--in repeating patterns....Time appears to have structure in it....These time cycles may not be arbitrary--some are directly related to the earth's movements through space. Now, thanks to the work of Professor Shnoll, we're seeing this structure in time is actually affecting the basic behavior of physical matter.

So there you have it. The physicist has seen this structure of time in nature itself, all of the chemical reactions going on in the earth at any point in time. Time is related to space, because when the earth goes around the sun and reaches the same point in space a year later, or two years later, or ten years later, one can observe the same chemical fingerprints all over again.

Wilcock writes on page 228,

If this is really true, then we have to rewrite almost every scientific law we now take for granted.

The laws of God are both physical and spiritual. The same laws govern both worlds. Wilcock is showing how time and space relate to the physical world. I myself have discovered by observation that it is the same in the spiritual world. Having no background beyond high school physics, I had no way of understanding how these spiritual laws applied in the physical realm.

I hope that Professor Shnoll does some further research into the feast-day cycles to see if there are matching chemical reactions from Passover of one year to Passover of the next year. These do not occur on the same day of the year, but perhaps he could uncover some further revelation.

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