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Interesting Response from Malaysia

Sep 16, 2011

I receive many interesting emails from people around the world. I think the following email is a good illustration of the UNITY principle. Though we are half a world apart, yet we enjoy the unity of revelation by the Spirit of God.

Dr. Jones,
I am a reader who emailed over a year ago about my ministerial move to Malaysia after 18 years of pastoral ministry in NC. I moved to Penang, Malaysia on May 6 of this year, where my family and I now reside.

Today, September 16, I flew to Kuala Lumpur (KL), the capital of Malaysia, because I have been invited to speak several sessions at a church conference this weekend (Sept. 16-18). I was sitting down to dinner at my hotel tonight, 6:30pm KL time, when I decided to catch up on some of your blogs. During this dinner I once again stood in awe at the workings of God's providential hand as I read your posts from yesterday, September 15, on 'Operation Jericho' (in the TWIN CITIES), and 'Obama Says 153 BRIDGES Need Repair'.
I stand in awe for one because the hotel where I am reading this is just a stone throw's distance from the fully illuminated, world-renowned, 88-story Petronas TWIN TOWERS of Malaysia. I am typing this from the 23rd floor of my hotel overlooking the towers.


I stood in awe secondly as I continued to read your next post on 'Obama's 153 Bridges Need Repair,' speech in Raleigh, NC, and his mention of the Minneapolis Bridge Collapse. I live on the island of Penang, home to the fourth longest BRIDGE in Southeast Asia. As my flight today took me out over that bridge, I struck up a conversation with a local woman sitting beside me. We started talking about the bridge, and she mentioned that a European engineer who comes to inspect the bridge was very disappointed at the lack of upkeep on the bridge. I then proceeded to tell her about the Minneapolis Bridge disaster. It was the first time I had thought about, much less talked about, the incident since its occurrence in 2007.
Thankful for His Hand of providence at work again in just the little ways.
Thanks for your posts. They are always a blessing.
Bridge Building in Southeast Asia,
Allen Mayo

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