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Delay in shipping the Nuclear Packs

Sep 19, 2011

Many of you have ordered the Nuclear Pack that we have been offering. If you have not yet received your order, it is probably because we are temporarily out of the six-pack of antioxidants.

Our supplier had to wait close to a month for a supply of Lipoic Acid to make the capsules. He had hoped to get them last Friday, but that has now been put off until tomorrow (Tuesday). When he gets this in, he will immediately put them into capsules and bottle them for us.

Most people are unaware of the turmoil going on in the supplement industry. Perhaps it is because of threatened legislation to classify all food supplements as "drugs" in order for men to take control over God's creation. Next, even food itself will be classified as a drug in order to regulate what we eat. (All for our own good, of course. Just ask them.) Anyway, it is often difficult to obtain the raw materials for various health products, and sometimes the prices double or triple almost overnight.

Our six-pack of antioxidants has six products in it, so there are six possible supply problems for that one package. If we have trouble getting just one of them, it holds up the rest of the package.

We are working on it as best we can, and if all goes well, we should ship out the current orders by Thursday of this week. I apologize for the delay.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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