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Bix Weir discusses the economy

Sep 23, 2011


Here is an audio interview with Bix Weir that I recommend. It is in 2 parts, each about 14 minutes long. He says that the banking crisis will begin next month in October when the third quarter results come in. Part 2 says that at some point there will be a "debt jubilee" or "debt forgiveness" in the transition from a fiat money system to a gold-backed system.

He discusses how the gold and silver markets have always been rigged, because the only way to keep a fiat money system from collapsing is to rig the markets.

Most interesting is his view that just before the final collapse of money, we will see one great and final push to collapse the price of gold and silver. We are now in the midst of such a collapse. As I write this, the price of gold has gone down under $1700/oz and silver is back down to $32/oz. This is an absolute disaster for those who have tried to fight the big banks who are shorting the market. The way to buy gold and silver is by owning physical metal, not carrying paperwork with the words "gold" or "silver" written on it.

As the prices are depressed artificially, gold and silver can be bought at bargain basement prices. But I should warn you that most people should stay out of the market if your purpose is "investment." Investments can drive you crazy when prices go up and down. Leave investing to the experts who trade electronically every day. Even they are probably taking a beating right now as they try to make money in a manipulated and rigged market.

If your purpose is to obtain some long-term money of the future, then you can buy on the price dips, set it aside, and forget about it, knowing that it will have much greater value in the future when paper currencies crash. For example, don't think of silver in terms of today's paper value at, say, $32/oz. Think of it as a future currency of King Cyrus that will actually have value when Babylon falls to Medo-Persia.

Of course, if you do not have any extra money set aside, and if you live from paycheck to paycheck, this can be largely irrelevant. But if you are able to do any kind of planning for the future, you should consider this. Keep in mind that 401K money is usually invested in the stock market on your behalf. In theory, the markets are supposed to go up, and your 401K account is supposed to increase in value. But when the stock market crashes, you lose your retirement money. In the last market crash a couple of years ago, a friend of mine quipped, "My 401K is now just a 1K."

This week the markets have been crashing, along with the price of gold and silver. I do not know if this is "the big one" or not, but we should monitor the markets carefully. The average person knows almost nothing about finances or the economic system, other than how to buy things at the store. It would be helpful for everyone to gain some understanding of how the markets work, especially if you have some money set aside for the future.

We are at a critical point in history that is prophesied in Scripture. Most of the prophecy teachers are thinking that we are just now ENTERING the time of Mystery Babylon in the book of Revelation. Such people do not understand that we have already endured our captivity to Babylon under a fiat money system with a controlled economy posing as a free-market system.

The New World Order is soon to become the Old World Order.

Our captivity to Babylon is almost finished. We are entering a new system that has two tiers to it: First, Medo-Persia (Dan. 5:28), also called "the kings of the east" (Rev. 16:12), and secondly, the Stone Kingdom which has Christ as its Head.

The connection between the two is found in Isaiah 45:1, where God calls Cyrus "My Messiah," and says that He will use this earthly king to fund the Kingdom. Isaiah 45:13 says of Cyrus,

"I have aroused him in righteousness; and I will make all his ways smooth; He will rebuild My city, and will let My exiles go free, without any payment or reward [bribe], says the Lord of hosts."

Do not believe the Babylonian newspapers who try to tell you that we should be afraid of the kings of the east when they overthrow our Babylonian system. See it as part of the divine plan, and prepare for it. America is NOT Babylon. America is in captivity to Babylon. Don't let Babylon play the Patriot Card to induce you to defend your own captors against the "Messiah" that God is raising up to "let My exiles go free."

Get a proper perspective of where we are in the prophetic history of the Kingdom. Then you will not be deceived into supporting the wrong side in this conflict. We have long prayed for the peace of the city that took us captive, as Jeremiah advised in Jer. 29:7. But we are now nearing the end of Babylon's rule. Our advice should now be coming from Jer. 51 and 52, where the prophet speaks of the fall of Babylon at the end of the captivity.

Remember that we are not Babylonian citizens, but captives in Babylon. The people of Judah in their Babylonian captivity did not really understand this. Most of them remained in Babylon when they were released from captivity. Only 42,360 returned, along with another 7,337 servants and 200 singers (Ezra 2:64, 65). That was only a small remnant of the people who had retained the vision of the Kingdom in their day.

The proportion is probably about the same today. We have become so entrenched in Babylon that most people identify with her and cannot truly respond to the call to leave Babylon when the time finally arrives (Jer. 51:45).

Nonetheless, our present fulfillment of the prophecy is much greater than the biblical pattern in the days of Ezra. Babylon is now a world-wide system, rather than a single city, and so it is no longer necessary to "go" somewhere to leave Babylon. It is more of a mindset, a way of understanding, and this involves competing loyalties.

Our prime loyalty ought to be to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. Secondly, we are instructed to submit to the captivity that God has brought upon us for the sins of our fathers. In other words, God has sub-contracted our labor and our (limited) loyalty to Mystery Babylon during this captivity. But in the end, when Babylon's mandate began to run out in 1993, they refused to declare the Jubilee and release their debt-captives after 70 + 10 years after 1913. That is why we appealed to God in the Jubilee Prayer Campaign.

They again refused to release us in 2001, which was 70 + 10 years after 1921 (the TTT agreement). On Sept. 11, 2001 God removed His hand of protection as a wake-up call. Instead of repenting, we arrogantly said, "we will rebuild."

Perhaps they will be forced to release us in 2013, which will be 70 + 10 years after 1933 (the banks' actual foreclosure on America). We have already seen how Iraq (a type of old Babylon) was overthrown in 2003, which was 70 years after 1933. The year 2013 will be 10 years later, according to the Hezekiah Factor.

It will be interesting to watch the events as they unfold in the next two years. But our mandate is to prepare ourselves for the coming collapse of Babylon. By understanding the timing of these things, and knowing something about the modern conflict between the Kings of the East and the Kings of the Babylonian West, we might be able to avoid being taken by surprise. Furthermore, we will also have a better idea how to pray in accordance with the divine plan.

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