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Another Door Knob story

Sep 28, 2011

I have had some interesting feedback on today's weblog. I cannot post all of them, but here is one that may be of interest to you:

Hi Stephen:

I just read your post on the Door. I had to tell you that about 3 weeks ago we had to replace ALL the doorknobs on the inside doors of the house. They had to be special ordered due to the old fashioned door settings. The door knobs are glass and old fashioned looking. They lacked sending one door knob, so that final one was just installed a week ago. What had happened is the fittings had all been stripped from constant tightening ( they are old doors in an old house ) and the door knobs just kept falling off -- which was a real pain -- as sometimes you could get trapped in a room! When the new door knobs were installed I sensed something very prophetic about it and prayed over the whole house and specifically anointed each doorknob. There are 22 -- on 11 doors. Last winter we had all the blinds replaced -- they also had to be custom because not one window measured the same. There are 22 windows.

In 2004 the Lord began a new journey with me that focused much on the number 4 about the Door and the intercession involved in the Door Opening. He said to me that when that last thing aligned, that door would open -- and I would be totally -- even shocked and astounded at what that meant.

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