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1921-2011 is an important Babylonian cycle

Sep 21, 2011

On September 23 we enter Libra, "the balances" of Justice. It was in this time that the handwriting on the wall occurred in Daniel 5, when God wrote, "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Peres." Babylon had been "weighed in the balances" and was found to be bankrupt. Justice was about to be served upon Babylon for not setting the people free.

Babylon had been given just 70 years as a divine mandate to rule over Judah (on account of their sin). By law, Babylon then was supposed to set the people free, for their lawful mandate had expired. But beast nations have never been known to do so, because they always rule by brute force as beasts. Hence, God obtains legal cause against them and intervenes to overthrow them for non-compliance to His will.

This year (2011) is of particular interest to us--especially during the month of Libra, during which time the second set of feast days falls. Trumpets is Sept. 29, Atonement is Oct. 8, and Tabernacles runs from Oct. 13-20 this year.

I have written extensively in the past about the year 1913 (when the Federal Reserve Act was passed) and 1914 when the bill was signed into law by President Wilson. These are the earliest dates starting America's captivity to Mystery Babylon. Because of the Hezekiah Factor, our 70-year captivity was extended by another 10 years to 80 years. For this reason, our Jubilee Prayer Campaign began in November of 1993, with Part II of the prayer campaign being held in late January of 1994.

That Prayer Campaign appealed to the Divine Court on account of Babylon's refusal to release us from captivity after their mandate had expired.

The full Jubilee Prayer Campaign actually lasted 13 years, ending October 7, 2006, because it was a "Jericho march" going 13 times around "the city." Last week we saw another (perhaps the final) Jericho march of 7 days from Sept. 11-17. And now we are entering into the time when God balances the scales of justice and audits the finances of Mystery Babylon.

What many do not realize is that 1921 was also a very important date in the history of Mystery Babylon. That was when the Trilateral Tripartite Trilennium Pact was agreed upon in London. This Pact was an international agreement to pool (or "centralize") many of the world's assets into a single, common, secret fund in order to compel all nations to abide by certain rules for fiat currencies.

Essentially, it was the support apparatus for Babylon's fiat currency system, because these assets provided some actual backing for this paper money. In transitioning from gold/silver backed currency to true fiat money (where money is backed only by faith and credit), it was necessary to have some assets at the beginning and then gradually remove the backing until the money was totally on its own.

This was all part of the 1910 Jekyll Island long-term banker plan which had led to the bankers' takeover of the financial system in 1914.

Under the terms of the TTT agreement, all gold (and other wealth) pooled under this Pact was not to be personally owned by those "donating" it, but would become the property of the centralized system. Quite literally, it was the start of a world-wide, centralized banking system that later evolved into the World Bank.

These centralized assets were called the International Collateral Combined Accounts. A large portion of it was funded by Chinese and Asian families descended from the Emperors, who possessed vast wealth that was largely unknown to the world. In fact, the Ming dynasty had already been loaning significant amounts of money to the US Federal Government since after the Civil War.

Most of the gold in the Collateral Account was deposited (probably buried) in Indonesia, Philippines, and other Southeast Asian countries.

The TTT agreement took more than 20 years to fully implement. On January 20, 1930, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) was instituted, making Switzerland the central depository country for its member governments. It was agreed upon that Switzerland would always remain neutral in time of wars, so that the assets and records of the BIS would not be disrupted.

In 1944 the Bretton Woods agreement implemented the TTT agreement fully with the formation of the Bank for Reconstruction and Development (now known as the World Bank), along with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Although Europe was still embroiled in World War II, it required cooperation between the warring parties to make it work. Here is where the US dollar fully replaced the British pound as the world reserve currency.

After World War II, the economies of the world expanded greatly. It turned out that there were not enough US dollars to facilitate world trade to support this expansion. It was not possible to break the Bretton Woods Treaty without damaging the core of the agreement. The Green Hilton Agreement was then made between three parties, two of which were the US President Kennedy and Indonesian President Soekarno. (Soekarno had been appointed the trustee for the Collateral Accounts and was given 2.5% interest in return for his services.)

The Agreement involved recalling the gold in Indonesia to be transferred to the USA to back the issuance of more US dollars. Under this Agreement, President Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 in July 1963 to issue US Notes. It was also agreed that control of these Collateral Assets would pass automatically to the US when President Soekarno fell from power (i.e., 1967).

However, President Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963 shortly after issuing those US Notes, and the Notes were quickly removed from circulation. The US Treasury's Authority over the Collateral Accounts was never implemented, even after Soekarno was deposed in 1967 and died in 1970. The US government refused to recognize the Green Hilton Agreement. The trusteeship of the Collateral Accounts passed to Soekarno's son, Dr. Seno Edy Soekanto.

The sheer enormity of these Collateral Accounts tempted many to steal portions of them. This has caused much conflict behind the scenes over the years. Then on January 20, 1995 the nations appointed Dr. Ray C. Dam (a Cambodian) to act as Sole Arbiter, Controller, and Owner in law of these Accounts. In 2003 he came to some agreement with Soekanto over the control of these Assets.

Dr. Dam was removed from his position in January of this year, and the Assets passed to another (unknown) trustee in the Far East.

2001 was 70 + 10 years since 1921. The demolition of the Twin Towers was linked to this conflict over the Collateral Accounts. Ten years later came Operation Jericho. 2011 is 90 years since the start of this entire process (1921). It represents another step in the overthrow of Mystery Babylon. The Kings of the East have prevailed and are prevailing this year. The Babylonians are unhappy at this and are plotting to foment the third World War to maintain their control. The Kings of the East are working behind the scenes to stop this diabolical plot.

It may be that as we enter the time of the Scales of Justice (Libra), this could prove to be one of the most critical months in recent history. When this conflict is resolved, whether secretly or by open war, the Kings of the East, I believe, will follow the pattern of Cyrus and Darius and will be instrumental in funding the Kingdom (Ezra 7:21). We will enter a whole new era when the Collateral Accounts are released for the benefit of the whole world. What Babylon has refused to do, the Kings of the East will do, even as Cyrus was a type Messiah (Isaiah 45:1) and Darius reorganized the Kingdom under Daniel (Dan. 6:1-3).

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