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Will the earthquake open ears in Washington?

Aug 26, 2011

God's judgments are corrective by nature. The signs that He sends are designed to open our ears and eyes. Perhaps this latest quake is such a sign.

East Coast Earthquake…Cures a Man of His Deafness?

Apparently, Robert Valderzak lost his hearing on Father’s Day after he fell. The 75-year-old has been in the hospital since the incident. Unfortunately, damage from the fall led to what doctors call “conductive loss,” essentially meaning that fluid or problems with the bone structures in his ears has led to some serious communicative issues. This combined with nerve loss made has essentially made it impossible for Valderzak to hear or speak...

After the earthquake ended, Valderzak — who had been silent for months — sat up in his hospital bed and said, “…my hearing is back I can hear everything…” The force of the earthquake caused his bed to shake and something subsequently happened inside of his head. This shaking essentially “fixed” whatever issue had occurred after his fall, enabling the man to hear and talk again...

While some may attempt to dismiss the incident as luck or chance, Valderzak is clear in explaining how it came about. He says, ”To me, it was a miracle, a blessing from God up above. Couldn’t ask for a better day.”

A miracle, indeed.


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