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Update on Nuclear Radiation problem

Aug 25, 2011

High radiation levels measured in Oklahoma rain water a few weeks ago:

On Saturday August 6 2011, Oklahoma received their first rainfall in weeks, but this was not the type of rain that they had been looking for. A youtuber by the name of “Firebynight” decided to test the rainwater for signs of radiation. What did his tests find? Well, a staggering 1.62 microsieverts per hour! This is very dangerous and to know this is falling into our soil makes you wonder how much Radiation we really are consuming.


China is also worried about radioactive pollution in the Pacific Ocean. It is reporting that the problem is far greater than reported by the government of Japan.

China’s State Oceanic Administration said the tests shown that the polluted area is far wider than the areas released by the Japanese government.

According to the study the radiation survey found over 252,000 kilometers, or just shy of 100,000 square miles, of Pacific ocean waters was contaminated by the time the study was completed on July 4th.

The study found the radiation has spread to distances up to 800 kilometers from the coast of the Fukushima prefecture.

According to the article, cesium radiation was found at levels up to 300 times higher than concentration levels detected in water off the coast of China.

The study also found Strontium-90 radiation levels up to 100 times higher than those found in Chinese waters.

The report quotes China’s Ocean Administration as saying “”One cannot rule out the possibility that radioactive contaminants have entered waters under China’s jurisdiction.”

China’s Department of Environmental Protection also warned “Cesium-137 and strontium-90 both have half-lives of about 30 years, making it more likely they will eventually enter the food chain and affect the health of consumers.”


It is a foregone conclusion that radioactivity will enter the food chain, not only through ocean fish that we eat, such as tuna, but also through the radioactive rain that is falling. This is why we are offering our "nuclear pack" as one way to protect our cells from its effects, as well as to get rid of the actual radioactive particles that we eat or breathe into our lungs.


And by the way, these products guard against more than just radioactive particles. They are non-specific. The modified citrus pectin helps remove virtually all heavy metals from the body. And the cells certainly need antioxidants to maintain normal health over and beyond helping with the radiation problem.

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