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TPTB's main enemy today

Aug 11, 2011

NOTE: TPTB = "The Powers That Be"


TPTB's main enemy today
William Wallace - Thu, Aug 11, 2011 - 11:12 AM 

Back in the 1930's, TPTB had Communists and Nazis as real enemies.Both Germany and the USSR basically nationalized their banking systems. Bankers were turned into civil servants. The dictators ran the show. Those governments had an agenda of eliminating pigmen. 

By 1941, after TPTB's out-of-control money creation caused the boom and bust that turned into the Great Depression, and after the Nazis had eliminated unemployment and conquered most of Europe, most of TPTB thought they were finished. 

In 1940, Joe Kennedy, JFK's father, said "Democracy is finished." In saying that, he was saying that American and British TPTB were finished. Joe thought they would be put out of business by Communists or Fascists. 

But today there is no real alternative to the fiat-fractional reserve-central banking sytem. TPTB won WWII, and then they won the Cold War. They got rid of both challenges to their way of governing. Now they have no apparent challenger. 

But there is a guy now who is their enemy. He is perhaps a German, a Dane, or a Finn. He doesn't have an idea for a competing economic system, but he doesn't like the existing one, and he opposes bailouts for PIIGS debt. 

His attitude is, "I will not lift a finger to help this banking system with its PIIGS crisis." 

How will TPTB beat this guy? It's not easy to beat a guy who can win by just doing nothing. 

In general they can do two things: 

1) Exacerbate the crisis. Make it so bad that everybody panics and starts saying, "We have to do something!" 

2) Boost their image of expertise and competence. Their enemies are now saying, "You got us into this mess. You keep making one mess after another. Why should we bail you out?" They have to work against that. 

TPTB have a difficult game plan. While exacerbating the financial crisis they created, they have to project an image of being experts who know how to solve all financial crises. 

As a result, this is what I expect to see: 

- Not a straight-down dive, but a roller-coaster dive. Psychologically this will be harder on the sheeple than a gradual decline. It will focus sheeple's attention on the stock market. 

- A rally whenever TPTB act or speak. When Ben B. says anything, the market rallies. When they act to prevent short-selling, etc., the market rallies. 

- A blame game starting up, where spendthrift sovereigns get blamed for the crisis. TPTB will say that the crisis is the faults of the PIIGS governments and not of the financial system. If spendthrift governments can be controlled, all will be well. 

TPTB have their work cut out for them. The European banking system seems to be collapsing around their ears. But they have unlimited money and access to the best brains. I believe they can defeat the recalcitrant prole who says, "Oh just let the whole damn thing collapse and see what happens." 

On the other hand, this might be their Waterloo. Not long ago TPTB were making plans for a new world order. Now they will be lucky to keep the existing order from imploding.


In the 1930's Germany and Russia represented right-wing and left-wing political systems. The nationalization of the banking system in Germany under a right-wing government resulted in the elimination of unemployment. They also built up their economic powerhouse and military system WITHOUT DEBT. They quickly became the most powerful nation in Europe. Whether we approve of Nazi politics or not, the stark reality is that nationalizing the central bank results in a nation without debt. [Under Russia's system, it did not work well at all.]

The "democratic" idea of free trade, established by Bretton Woods in the 1940's, and perfected in the WTO today, is based on the idea that true democracy means equalizing wealth world wide. It is really Socialism. Germany's unemployment in the early 30's was not caused by "free trade," but by crippling penalties in the aftermath of WW1. Today, our unemployment problem will not be resolved until we either (1) get rid of free trade; or (2) lower our living standard to equal that of the world average, so that we no longer have to compete with low-wage workers in other countries.

If maintaining a democracy means that we must continue to have a privately-owned Fed that creates money, then a democracy is really a Fed-controlled economic dictatorship that controls the political process in the name of democracy. These people have tried hard to link private ownership of the Fed with democracy itself, when, in fact, the very opposite is true. Or perhaps "democracy" is not really what people think it is. Maybe it is just a hidden dictatorship disguised by the appearance of popular rule.

On the other hand, this might be their Waterloo. Not long ago TPTB were making plans for a new world order. Now they will be lucky to keep the existing order from imploding.

That is an amazing statement. The Powers That Be are really "The Powers That Think They Be." Their downfall is that they do not yet recognize God's right to rule His own Creation. This will change in time, as surely as Nebuchadnezzar was corrected with a diet of grass.

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