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Price manipulation of gold

Aug 11, 2011


When the price of gold surged past $1800/oz. yesterday, the regulators changed the rules by raising the margin requirements 22%. This is in defense of the dollar, which was suffering from a loss of confidence after Bernanke said he would continue the near-zero interest rates for the next two years at least.

So those buying gold had to pay more up front. This lowered the amount of gold that speculators were able to buy at a time, and put a damper on the price of gold. It has now gone back below $1800.

The regulators did the same with silver in late April and early May, after the price of silver nearly hit $50/oz.

It's one of the most effective ways to manipulate gold or silver to the down side, because they can still sell without restriction. It's only the buyers that are restricted.

I still think it will be a very important date to mark on your calendar when silver hits $50/oz. Remember that Medo-Persia, "the kings of the east," are represented by the arms of silver when they overtake Babylon's head of gold.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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