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Nuclear Tests in the 50's and their effects on us today

Aug 12, 2011

In the 1950's, the American government enjoyed a very high level of trust by the population. Nationalism and patriotism was at a fever pitch in the aftermath of World War II. The atomic bomb had won the war, it was believed, and there was an arms race to make more bombs than the Soviets--who had a late start. Atomic bombs enjoyed a favorable rating by everyone but Communists in America.

And so in the 1950's the government began to explode many nuclear devices in Utah and Nevada on large tracts of government-owned land. The people supported it, because they believed the government assurances that these tests would cause no harm to the residents downwind.

But it is now known that government reports as early as 1947 showed that they knew there would be health problems in 5-10 years and in later generations. Yet the government covered up their own reports and fought people who brought their cases to court. It was not until 1990 that President Bush, Sr. began to compensate victims of this radiation poisoning.

In 1990, however, Congress passed and President George Bush signed into law the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act, which created a $100 million trust fund to compensate citizens who lived downwind from aboveground atomic tests and later were stricken with radiation-related illnesses before warnings of potential danger were issued. The act was later amended to remove the $100-million ceiling and to allow uranium miners and test-site workers to participate in the compensation. The legislation states in part:

"The United States should recognize and assume responsibility for the harm done to these individuals. And Congress recognizes that the lives and health of uranium miners and of innocent individuals who lived downwind from the Nevada tests were involuntarily subjected to increased risk of injury and disease to serve the national security interests of the United States. The Congress apologizes on behalf of the Nation to the individuals...and their families for the hardship they have endured."


The above article concludes:

During his term as Utah governor, Scott Matheson brought to the forefront of public awareness the problems faced by Utahns as a result of the nuclear testing. At the 1979 hearings he presented some 1,100 pages of testimony concerning the AEC cover-up and other research. All this was done before Matheson himself developed terminal cancer. His personal conclusion in 1986 was: "I am still angry about the way this issue was handled by the federal government. It points to a continuing need for governors to be vigilant concerning both short-term and long-term impacts of federal decisions on their residents. If citizens in a state are to be sacrificed for the 'national interest,' then, at the very least, those citizens need to be fully informed and protected as much as possible."

Do we not see now why cancer has been so prevalent since the 1950's? My mother developed cancer in 1976 in southwestern Minnesota, and not once did we suspect the nuclear tests in Utah and Nevada 20 years earlier. In fact, her treatment involved more radiation treatments!

The more I learn about the effects of low-level radiation poisoning ("the Petkau Effect"), the more I realize just how important it is to do something about it. I am thankful that I spent my early years in the Philippines, far away from the worst of the fallout. I am also thankful now that I began to learn about antioxidants 40 years ago. Not only has this helped to reverse the effects of this radiation all these years, but it has also removed other heavy metals that would certainly have harmed my health.

Government coverups have served to keep the people calm while they were developing cancer, and have reduced the amount of money the government would have had to borrow to compensate for its actions. But their lies and coverups in the name of "national security" are no excuse to all of their health victims. It is plain that we the people have to take more responsibility for our own personal health, rather than trust the official government reports.

Always keep in mind that it is the duty of government to lie to us "for our own good" and for "national security." (I do not mean average government employees, who are as honest as any average American citizen.) And we are supposed to thank them for looking out for us. Sorry, but I am looking for a better Kingdom having overcomers ruling with Christ. We are seeing the effects of kicking God out of government and replacing God's Law with the traditions of men.

Meanwhile, we pray and we do spiritual war and intercession. At the same time, there are some practical things that we can do to protect our health. One of these is the Nuclear Pack as advertised.


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