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Iraqi Defense Minister approved

Aug 14, 2011


The long-running dispute between Maliki and Allawi over the remaining government posts appears to be ending.

Last December the government of Maliki was formed, but it was not a complete government. They have been fighting over the final (most important) three positions for eight months: Defense, Security, and Interior.

It is not likely that any of these will be approved apart from a package deal. So this breakthrough could well mean that there has been a deal on all three positions. That would have implications for Iraq's full emergence from Chapter VII sanctions imposed 21 years ago this month, as well as the upward revaluation of their currency.

The article reads:

Baghdad, Aug. 14 (AKnews) – Former Interior Minister Jawad al-Bolani’s al-Iraqiya nomination to hold the Defense Ministry has been hailed by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s bloc, the State of Law Coalition (SLC), as a “logical solution” to disputes over the post, praising at the same time Bolani’s professionalism.

Al-Iraqiya spokesman Haider Mulla announced the nomination of Bolani – a relative newcomer to the list – for the Defense ministry on Friday to the Iraqi media.

The SLC’s Abdul Hadi al-Hassani told AKnews that Bolani had proved his mettle when running the Interior Ministry “in difficult circumstances”, and that his nomination would win the support of the Iraqi PM.

Al-Iraqiya was promised the Defense ministry as part of the power-sharing deal – signed by the political blocs in Erbil at the end of last year to bring to term a nine-month political impasse that had paralyzed the country’s political process since the March 7 legislative poll – that gave Maliki the green light to form the current government.

Maliki has personally headed the three key security ministries of the Interior, Defense and National Security since his cabinet was inaugurated last December because of ongoing political disputes over the suitability of the political blocs’ different nominees for the posts.

The leaders of the main political factions gathered in the Baghdad home of President Jalal Talabani on August 2 in a bid to resolve some of the main issues of contention between them.

It was agreed that new candidates for the security ministry posts would be nominated within two weeks.

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