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The two-part prayer campaign

Jul 19, 2011

As so often happens, small entry points lead to much bigger events.

This prayer campaign (as yet nameless) has shown us a much bigger picture than we thought at first. Its roots go back at least a century insofar as America's contact with Tibetan Buddhism goes. It was a major factor in World War II, as the top Nazi leadership was fascinated with Tibet and utilized its spiritual forces toward the war effort.

After that war, the two major antagonists, Communism/Socialism vs. Nazi/Fascism went underground and infiltrated American political parties. Each had its subtle influence that can be seen today, if one is aware of it.

The music industry underwent a radical change in the so-called "counter-culture" of the 1960's. It too had a Buddhist influence, shown in part by the song from 1973, On the Road to Shambala, sung by the group, Three Dog Night.

The song is about the mythical kingdom of Shambala, said to be hidden somewhere within or beyond the peaks of the Himalayas and mentioned in various ancient texts including the Kalachakra Tantraand ancient texts of Tibetan Buddhism.


If you want to hear the song itself by U-Tube video and see how it portrays American "tourists" singing the praises of Buddhism in Tibet, go to:


They sing of love and peace, and they strive to become what the Bible calls the manifested sons of God. It is a good goal, but in our view they cannot succeed apart from Jesus Christ. Even so, one can certainly achieve much through self-discipline and through occultic spiritual processes and rituals. But in the end, it fails.

The proof is very evident in times of spiritual warfare, because they cannot begin to win when in conflict with true overcomers. Buddhism tries to institute a false or counterfeit feast of Tabernacles, but the "glory of the Lord" that they seek is from false lords and gods.

Hence, the 722 gods invoked at their Kalachakra tantra in Washington D.C. speaks of the feast of Tabernacles on 7/22 of the Hebrew calendar. It is a counterfeit from the dark side. The "light" that they seek can only be found at the Lampstand in the tabernacle, which has 7 lamps and 22 almonds.

22/7 as a fraction is the pi ratio (3.14). Pi is the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet, and 16 is the number of Love in Scripture. The Buddhists appeal is through love, but it is not the agape of Scripture, which is the true love of God. If you dig deeper into Buddhism, you find that their definitions and application of love is quite different from Scripture. In fact, many would be shocked if they knew the truth.

In the first century, Paul's main competition was Epicureanism. They were the "friendly" religion of the day, based on positive thinking. Many of their teachings were similar to Christianity, but they were based upon materialism and self-interest. Today, our main competition is Buddhism, because many of the things that they teach tend to simulate Christianity. In particular is their concept of becoming an "ascended master," which mimics the manifestation of the sons of God. Buddhism has been quite successful in the West, largely because the Church lost its teaching on the feast of Tabernacles, and many even rejected Sonship teaching. Worse yet, some of the Sonship teaching was too distorted to compete with Buddhism.

Last Saturday morning I posted my first weblog telling of this present prayer campaign. We had begun the prayer campaign on Friday evening, July 15. We immediately began to see the physical evidence of spiritual warfare. It rained over 5 inches that night, washing out a railroad bridge here in Fridley. So on Saturday morning, a train derailed at a flooded creek, not far from the home of one of our prayer warriors--who, by the way, has a Buddhist neighbor.

At the same time, a heat wave hit Minnesota with high humidity that is supposed to last until the night of July 20 at 9:00 p.m. That is when the "heat warning" ends. That is also when the prayer campaign finally ends.

We had a telephone call from Pauline (in Iowa) yesterday afternoon shortly after 3:00 p.m. asking "What happened from 2:45 to 3:00?" She found herself suddenly overwhelmed by praise and worship, and she wondered what had brought on her time of rejoicing. Well, we did not know until we prayed about it later and pieced together the discernments.

We learned that this prayer campaign technically ended at 3:00 p.m. July 18. But there is a second part to this which will be completed at 9:00 p.m. July 20. The bottom line is that we won the battle--which is actually a Divine Court case. But they will appeal the case, as they so often do, and we will have to answer that appeal the night of July 20.

Many times prayer campaigns are won, only to be tied up by the appeals process. Not many Christians understand how the Divine Court works, so they do not realize that their victory is largely neutralized by not answering the appeal. Hence, the battle is won, but then lost by default in the appeal. The other side understands this point of law, but few Christians do. We learned it 10 years ago in our time of warfare in 2001.

Another prayer warrior, Sherry, suddenly had bruises on her arm that were not there a moment earlier. These had no physical cause, but were an earthly manifestation of spiritual warfare. Such phenomena are not uncommon in times like these.

Of further interest is the number 300. There are about 300 Sand Mandalas that have been built across America in the past decades. Each one has enthroned a lama under the Dalai Lama. Each has opened up a portal, or "gate" to give the Buddhist gods (spirits) access to the earth and to empower the Buddhocracy that they are attempting to establish by spiritual means.

This is also why many years ago the Western elites set up "The Committee of 300" to rule the Western world. It is a counterfeit of Gideon's army of 300, which represents the overcomers who are truly called to establish the Kingdom of God.

Whether Christians know it or not, we are involved in a very big cosmic war that is being waged in the heavens through people here on the earth. The same war has continued for thousands of years, and it is the same war mentioned in Daniel 9 and 10. America has opened herself up to every god and every religion under the sun, and so we find ourselves in warfare against all of them combined.

What they do not realize is that God has drawn them to us with hooks in their jaws, so that they could all be overthrown at the same time. Their invasion has given us legal cause against them, and we have again won this important case.

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