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The Angel of the Waters Prayer Campaign

Jul 20, 2011

In our prayer time last night, more details were revealed about the prayer campaign.

First of all, we now see it in a greater context. Because it began on July 15, which is 7/15 on our calendar, it is obviously a type of the feast of Tabernacles. Hence, the time from July 15-20 should be seen within the context of the entire time of "Tabernacles" from July 15-22, since 7/22 is always the 8th and final day of Tabernacles.

The Feast Sequence of 2011

Last January we first took note that our first month was like the first month on the Hebrew calendar. In other words, we saw a "January Passover" month, in which the government of Egypt came under fire, leading to the arrest of President Hosni Mubarak. This began with the fall of the government of Tunisia on January 14/15, because on that same day Egyptians began their demonstrations.

The day of Passover is dated biblically as 1/14 (evening) and 1/15, the day that Israel left Egypt under Moses.

We also saw signs in February of the Second Passover on our calendar.

Pentecost, then, was March 6. I do not know of any specific events that may have occurred on that date. However, July 1st was Rosh Hoshana (Trumpets), the day prophesied to be the resurrection of the dead. On that day we experienced a great wind storm that knocked down a million trees here in Minnesota. It was a parallel to what happened on July 1, 1997, when the same kind of windstorm hit northern Minnesota 14 years earlier.

Ezekiel 37:9 connects the wind to the resurrection of the dry bones. So we saw the wind come as a sign of resurrection.

On July 10 I was asked to speak at a church locally, and I was led to speak about the Jubilee.

So in this context, July 15-22 is Tabernacles. They used to pour out a drink offering ** of new wine for seven days during this feast (Num. 29:16, 19, 22, etc.). These are the "seven bowls" of wine poured out in Revelation 16 during the time of the seventh trumpet (i.e., the 7th month).

** At this point I was interrupted by a phone call with discernment that the name of this prayer campaign was to be taken from Rev. 16:4, 5. The focus was specifically "the angel of the waters." This is about the third bowl of wine that the "angel of the waters" poured out. It represents the third day of Tabernacles as well as "the third day" of Hosea 6:2 and John 2:1.

So we are officially calling this "The Angel of the Waters Prayer Campaign." In Rev. 16, this angel turns water into blood, which brings us back to the story of Moses and the first plague upon Egypt. Though it physically manifested as a "plague," it also prophesied a positive message under the New Covenant. Egypt represents the world, and when the blood covered Egypt, it was the blood of Christ, prophesied to cover not only our sin, but also the sin of the whole world (1 John 2:2). This is the "Passover" event which reaches its zenith through Tabernacles, where the glory of the Lord covers the earth (Num. 14:21).

I find it interesting that in a normal Kalachakra tantra, the Dalai Lama builds a Sand Mandala, invites 722 (specific) gods, and then gathers the sand to be cast into a nearby river of water. Once again, it counterfeits the work of the Angel of the Waters in an attempt to overthrow the blood of Christ shed for the sin of the world.

It is also significant that we started this prayer campaign the night of July 15, and on the third day (July 18, 3:00 p.m.) we won the battle. The 300 "gates of hell" were closed, and the "windows of heaven" were opened. The Buddhist priests who were to be initiated in Washington were left without their spirit guides (gods). Instead, the Angel of the Waters closed up the "gates of hell" (Matt. 16:18) and now stands guard at the windows of heaven (Gen. 7:11; 8:2; Isaiah 24:18).

The Coming Rain of the Spirit

In the days of Noah, the windows of heaven were opened in order to inundate the earth with water. This was divine judgment in those days. However, the flood of Noah was also prophetic of the coming flood of the Holy Spirit that would cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. (See chapter 3 of Secrets of Time.)

The promise to Noah after the flood was that God would no longer destroy the earth by a flood. Conversely, it was a promise that the next flood would save the earth. All of this is prophesied by the three doves in Genesis 8 and the Covenant itself in Genesis 9. Read chapter 3 of my book.

The Angel of the Waters is the divine custodian of this coming "rain" of the Holy Spirit. He was active in Noah's day. He was also active in the days of Elijah, when, after the showdown with the prophets of Baal, the prophet prayed 7 days for rain and then saw the downpour on the 8th day. In the Elijah sequence of prophetic events, he first raised the widow's son from the dead (Trumpets), then arranged the showdown (Day of Atonement), and then prayed 7 days for rain (Tabernacles). He saw the results on the 8th day of Tabernacles. (Read all about it in chapter 6 of The Laws of the Second Coming.)

The Drought in the South

There is a severe drought in the southern part of the USA. Governor Perry of Texas has called for a Day of Prayer and Fasting, scheduled for August 6.


On July 18 Oklahoma's governor, Mary Fallins, called for a Day of Prayer for Sunday, July 25 to break the drought.


It seems that it takes a drought to break through this idea that governments have no business praying to the true God of heaven. Boehner and Pelosi can support the Dalai Lama's prayers, but to recognize the true God is not allowed. So while these two governors are coming under fire for recognizing the true God, I lend my support and applaud their actions. To me, it indicates that the people are ready to repent and return to God. This is a pre-condition for ending not only the drought but also the drought of the Holy Spirit.

Both governors have scheduled the days of prayer rather late. The rain is needed NOW, not July 25 or August 6. So I am not sure what God will do about it. Yet our prayer campaign is set in the context of the feast of Tabernacles July 15-22, and the patterns of Scripture indicate that the rain ought to come on the 8th of Tabernacles.

So I suggest that we begin our rain watch on July 22, even though the meteorologists say that there is no end in sight to the drought. That's what Elijah's servant told him for the first six days (1 Kings 18:43). The seventh day he only saw a tiny cloud, but it was enough to know that the time of prayer had broken through, and the windows of heaven were about to open.

We must pray about this further to pin down the details about timing and how to apply it to the current drought in the South. Please join us in prayer for rain and for the outpouring of the Spirit.

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