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Spiritual Warfare July 15-20

Jul 16, 2011

The Dalai Lama is in Washington D.C. completing his 10-day "Kalachakra for World Peace" at the Verizon Center. This is a ten-day Buddhist ceremony that claims to have as its purpose "world peace."


Those who understand spiritual things, however, know that this is an act of Buddhist spiritual warfare. It is more than just "world peace." It is appealing to other gods for "peace." Those gods are NOT the same as Jesus Christ, who is the only true Prince of Peace. The only way peace will be established is to repent and call upon Jesus Christ.

Obviously, we differ from the Buddhist model. We do not believe that world peace can come through the appeal to false gods or the demonic realm.

The Dalai Lama is in Washington from July 6-16 to build a "sand mandala," and when it is completed, it is destroyed. Westerners see it as artwork made of colored sand, and do not see its true spiritual objective.

At any rate, July 15 was one of our latest watch dates. As it turned out, six of us gathered last night for a prayer meeting. The Lord gathered us together to engage the Dalai Lama and his spiritual forces in spiritual warfare to prevent a takeover by Buddhist gods in Washington D.C.

First, we were led to petition the Divine Court to send the angels of the overcomers to Washington to prevent the "portal" from being completed. The Dalai Lama has been building such a portal to allow his spiritual forces access to Washington D.C. As representatives of the overcomers who have been given authority in these matters, we were given the mandate to destroy the portal before it could be opened.

Second, the Lord issued a decree (which we then spoke) that the curse is overruled. His mission, which would actually bring war and death in the name of "world peace," has failed.

We learned also that our actions would instigate a 5-day spiritual battle that would end July 20. All of you who are in unity with us by the Spirit are already involved in this warfare, but it is usually helpful to be aware of it. Be on the alert so you don't get blindsided by the dark side.

We are unsure of the meaning or implications of this, but it does point to a new watch date. Whatever we were expecting on July 15 is now put off until July 20 at the completion of this warfare.

I will explain more as we learn more. Meanwhile, however, we have scheduled a conference here in the local area for this week end. We have a busy schedule today and tomorrow, and I will not be going to the office for a few days.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about the Dalai Lama and his Kalachakra ceremonies, and how they relate to the World Trade Center bombings and other non-peace items, go to:


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