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More on the Rainbow Bridge

Jul 22, 2011

I received this from Cecilia today, reminding me of the Rainbow Bridge revelation at the Passover meeting last April in Manassas, VA.

It is also helpful to know the "dog" connection. Caleb means "dog," a reference to being faithful. Joshua is the Great Shepherd, and every Good Shepherd needs a sheep dog to help gather the sheep. The Hebrew word is keleb, or k'leb, meaning "like heart." In other words, a faithful friend is one who is "of like heart," having one purpose. Also, back in 1996 when Ron first checked this out, he took note that the American Kennel Association recognized 153 breeds of dog. The number 153 is the number of beni h' elohim, "sons of God."

With that said, here is the email I just received:

I have been reading all your blogs and other people's dreams, it's all about rainbows, pillars of fire and bridges.

Do you remember the vision I spoke about at Passover? That Saturday, when we had broken for lunch, Mark and I, Eldon and Dorothy Adamson, and another lady went to the Mount of Olive Garden. The young man who held our door, both going and coming out, name was Israel. When leaving, we saw 7 women and 5 dogs on the steps. The women were training the dogs to work with the blind. The first thing I thought of was when the women said to Jesus, "Even the dogs eat the crumbs from your table". I know this is not what the verse means, but that is what the Spirit said.

Bob Dorn told me later that he felt the women represented the Seven Spirits of God. I just knew it meant Completeness or Perfection. Of course 5 dogs would represent Grace. When we introduced ourselves we were allowed to pet the leader dog, named Bridget. I didn't make the connection until Maureen showed us the picture of the Rainbow Bridge. Then I knew, the Father wanted us to be the World's Bridge over troubled waters. After petting Bridget, we got in our car and noticed the tag on the car in front of us tag number was 888. Father loves to show Himself to those who are looking.

COMMENT: I had forgotten this. Thanks for the reminder, Cecelia. It is obvious that the Father was preparing us at Passover for what was yet to come in July.

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