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Ireland breaks away from the Roman Church

Jul 22, 2011

Considering the history of Ireland and its place as a "Catholic nation," this is a major event:


Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny's sharply critical remarks of the Irish Catholic Church today will undoubtedly be remembered as a milestone moment in the history of Modern Ireland....

The Prime Minister also made an unusually cutting remark about the Vatican's supposed control of Irish religious sovereignty, at least in the life of its mostly Catholic adherents - not so long ago, perhaps, a taboo question to raise even in itself - expressing his amazement that the type of obstruction to justice so rawly documented in the Report had taken place just three years ago, rather than three decades....

Most of all, though, the broadside was notable for the utter frankness of its criticism, shorn of all the marks of respect and reticence that have colored previous governments' dealings with the Church and the Vatican, once such a pervasive force in almost every facet of Irish life . It was a criticism without precedent in Irish history, but one which we can expect many more of.

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