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Dinar Report and CBI auction

Jul 05, 2011

Here is an audio report from last Friday that has caused some excitement. It's about 13 minutes long, where a man from the West Coast told his experience at a Chase bank. The manager told him that he could cash out his dinars on Tuesday (today). It seemed quite certain.


So today is Tuesday. So far I have seen no cash-in claims. I see that today (July 5) the Central Bank of Iraq sold $188,200,000 worth of dinars at the same rate of 1170/dollar.


I am sure they would not do this if the dinar had already revalued last week. Of course, I do hope that there is at least some grain of truth in the earlier reports. It might be that there is a short delay once again from over the week end. But everyone should stay grounded and focused. Don't let these reports take over your lives, or you will soon become an emotional wreck. Treat the reports as possibilities, but don't pin your hopes on them. Wait for the day that the FOREX begins to buy and sell dinars on the electronic trading system, or the day that your bank will actually cash in dinars.

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