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Dinar Letter from Brother Vinnie

Jul 18, 2011

Here is an email from Brother Vinnie that I am passing on to those who might yet be contemplating ordering Iraqi dinar from him:

Hello Dinar Family,

My family and I, after a wonderful week of meetings, are taking a much needed vacation.  We are leaving early Tuesday morning.  If you'd like to order and have us ship you out tomorrow we need funds in the account.  We will still be taking orders up until the RV (which by reports could be very, very soon).

We will ship you when we come back in around two weeks. Once your funds are deposited or mailed to us (must be in before the RV) we will ship you out when we come home. 

If it RVs before we ship you. the dinars are YOURS once your funds are received.  We will have someone receiving the mail. 

You can call me for ORDERS ONLY PLEASE at: 850-255-1000.  Remember we are on vacation!



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