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Did President Obama attend Columbia?

Jul 14, 2011

Barack Obama's college roommate:


Barack Obama's old friends:


Article for the Columbia newsletter written March 10, 1983, entitled:
Breaking the War Mentality, by Barack Obama


Finally, Obama could not have been accepted at Harvard in 1989 if he had not first completed education at Columbia. Snopes tells us:

Finally, the fatal flaw in the "Obama didn't go to Columbia" theory is that he couldn't have been admitted to Harvard Law School in 1988 without having received an undergraduate degree.


Whether we agree with President Obama's politics, or believe that he was born in Kenya, it seems clear that he did indeed attend Columbia. One may question his status as a foreign student from Indonesia, but it is hard to question his attendance at Columbia. It is well established that he has not released his school records from Columbia, and this may be because they would reveal a foreign student status and thus indicate that he was not an American citizen when he applied at the school. However, for the record, there is no doubt that he did attend Columbia.

Another comment from one of our readers:

A VP of Sales of the company I work for who just left here for a better job, has an uncle who taught Obama in High School. He said he went by the name Barry then. This was in Hawaii.

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