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Congressman Kusinich wants to nationalize the Federal Reserve and end the national debt

Jul 28, 2011

Congressman Kusinich wants to nationalize the Federal Reserve and end the national debt--Amazing news clip on video:

Wow. I would have expected this from Congressman Ron Paul, but I had no idea that anyone else would say this! Watch this 5-minute news video.


This is from a Fox Business News interview with Congressman Dennis Kusinich of Ohio on June 6, 2011:

Kusinich: What I want is for us to take control of the money system again by putting the Fed under Treasury and have the government be able to invest money instead of the Fed loaning money to banks--or creating money out of nothing and giving it to banks--which then park it at the Fed and gain interest with no benefit to the economy.

I want to see money spent to create jobs, rebuild America. We shouldn't have to borrow this money. I have a different approach.

Moderator then calls Kusinich "one of the New members of Congress who understands the Federal Reserve. . ."

Kusinich: This guy [pointing to himself] wants to change the rules so that we diminish the role of the Fed, put it back under Treasury, which the founders intended under Article 1, Section 8The power to coin money was not given to the Fed. They siezed that power in 1913. I want to set the Fed aside, as far as that's concerned, regain the power, let the government invest in the economy--- . . . Why should we borrow from banks? The Fed is giving money to the banks.We shouldn't have to borrow money from banks.

In other words, Kusinich wants us to nationalize the Fed by putting it under the authority of the Treasury Department. Then when more money needs to be created in order to support the economy, the government could simply create it WITHOUT PAYING INTEREST, as our Constitution says in Article 1, Section 8.

Kusinich recognizes that the Fed (actually the bankers who own the Fed corporation) "siezed that power in 1913." He is referring to the Federal Reserve Act, passed on Dec. 23, 1913 by just 5 senators. All the others were home for Christmas. It was signed into law by President Wilson in February 1914 after he was blackmailed by the bankers who knew of his extra-marital love affair. This Act gave private international bankers the power to create money out of nothing and loan it to the US government at interest.

This is what I have been saying for many years. I wrote about it just yesterday, in fact. So either Kusinich and I are BOTH crack pots, or perhaps we are both sane. (So far, I'm getting mixed reviews on that one!)

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