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Can a red heifer purify us from death today?

Jul 02, 2011


The Temple Institute spokesman talks about the red heifer (Num. 19) and how it is essential to have one in order to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.

He said the "red heifer is the single exclusive universal antidote to the impurity caused by the exposure to death." He also says that it is designed "to bring the world to a new state of connection to the reality of God."

This, of course, is Old Covenant thinking, and it assumes the Old Covenant is still valid in the eyes of God. The rabbis do not seem to believe Jeremiah 31:31:31-34, where the prophet says that the covenant made under Moses was "broken" and that God was going to issue a new covenant. To them, the new covenant is just the old covenant revived.

I can understand Jews believing this, but Christians have no business supporting it, since it totally undermines the work of Jesus Christ, who was the Mediator of the New Covenant.

If God is reviving the Old Covenant, then the means of salvation must also revert back from faith to works. Red heifers must be used once again to obtain "purity" from death (mortality). In other words, we would have to attain immortality through a red heifer instead of through Jesus Christ. Red heifer would allow the replacement of you and me as "temples of God" back to the old external temple in Jerusalem. The Old Jerusalem would replace the New Jerusalem. And the rest of the animal sacrifices would replace the once-for-all sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Is this what Christians expect for the Age to come? That is the theology of Dispensationalism, which was invented largely by Darby in the mid-1800's and popularized by Scofield. Now this theology has become mainstream in Christian Evangelical, Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Fundamental circles.

There are many ordinary Christians who do not really understand where their denominations and leaders are taking them. They are unaware that they are supporting a system that rejects Jesus Christ. Darby-style Christianity is bringing the Church back under the Old Covenant, complete with a temple, a Levitical priesthood, and animal sacrifices. In other words, if Darby is right, then Jesus Christ died to provide grace for about 2,000 years, after which time, we will revert back to the Old Covenant.

Do you as a Christian really believe that the New Covenant was a temporary feature? Was Jesus Christ's work only good for 2,000 years? Must we all submit to Judaism in the end? Is Hagar-Jerusalem the true Bride? Is her son (Judaism) the heir of the promise? (See Gal. 4:22-31 for the answer.)

It seems that the Church today has forgotten the Apostle Paul and needs to re-teach true Christianity and to overthrow the Judaizers. The main theological problem in the first century has arisen again today.

I suggest reading my three books:

Galatians: Paul Corrects the Distorted Gospel

Hebrews: Immigrating from the Old Covenant to the New

Daniel's Seventy Weeks: How it shapes modern eschatology

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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