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Bill Burns Prophecy

Jul 19, 2011

THE TRUMPET by Bill Burns -- 7/18/11:

Angels are on the move, for there is a stirring in the heavenlies as well as upon the earth. It is now time for the glorious church to arise. It is now time for you to be overcomers and more than conquerors. It is time for the kingdom of God to manifest more fully in your life than ever you have experienced. It is now the time of rejuvenation and restoration. It is the time that I have appointed and am now bringing it to pass.

Warring spirits are coming in to do battle with you and to be with you so you can defeat the enemy. All of heaven has waited for this moment and this process to begin--where angelic forces join forces with God's creation, the men and women of the earth, that victory might flow forth; that victory might be yours; that victory shall become an overflowing stream that shall flow forth into the world; that victory will so manifest in your life so that you will never again be afraid, worried, or consider the dilemma of your circumstances.

If you need healing, it shall come. If you need provision, it shall come. If you need revival, it shall come. I am pouring out kingdom glory upon the earth. I am preparing you for the year that is ahead of you, for My divine government shall come into manifestation and My rule shall be found among My people, says the Lord.

COMMENT: It sounds like we're winning the battle!

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