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A few more lessons

Jul 29, 2011

Lesson #15: Fasting compresses Time.

I have mentioned in the past the principle that fasting compresses Time. The primary example of this was when Jesus fasted 40 days in the wilderness to compress Israel's 40 YEARS of temptation in the wilderness. In another sense, Jesus' fast compressed 40 JUBILEES of Church history into just 40 days. Israel under Moses was "the church in the wilderness" (Acts 7:38), and those 40 years prophesied of the New Testament Church's 40 Jubilees in the wilderness from 33 to 1993 A.D.

Lesson #16: There is no Time or Space in the spiritual dimension ("heaven").

God created Time and Space, so He stands above them and is the Lord of both. He manipulated Time when the sun stood still for a day (Joshua 10:13). He did it again when He turned the sundial of Ahaz back 10 degrees (2 Kings 20:11).

When we engage in spiritual things, Time and Space are still relevant, but we are no longer bound by either. Time and Space become tools in our hands to accomplish the work and the revelation that God gives us.

It was because of this principle that we were able to make necessary corrections back in 2001 when we made a mistake in spiritual warfare. When we learned of our mistake, we asked the Lord what to do to rectify the situation, and He said to go the Divine Court and make the correction retroactively. In essence, we could go back in time because we were not bound by time in the Divine Court.

The only residual problem, or "consequence," that we had to live with from then on was the fact that the wronged party (our opposition in the warfare) had to appear with us in the Divine Court in order to make the correction. Up to that point, we had been able to do the warfare in secret, but after that, they knew who we were. From that point on, they began to use astral projection to spy on our prayer meetings. This enabled them to hinder our communication with the Lord. It was little more of a nuisance, but nonetheless, it was a hindrance.

At first, we did not understand why or how they could hinder us in this way. When we learned what was going on, we asked the Lord how we could defend ourselves. He told us to look up Matthew 6:6, which we then looked up in the KJV:

(6) But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut the door, pray to thy Father which is in secret...

This Scripture had been familiar to us for decades, but we had never thought of it in this context. So when we met for prayer, we first asked to enter into a prayer closet in order that the enemy would not be able to spy on us. Soon we discovered that we could pray to have a perpetual prayer closet around our property and autos so that they could not use spiritual means to track our activities. This resolved the problem, and the hindrances ceased.

We then went on the offensive just to let the enemy know that they could not hide from us, if we wanted to find them. The Lord then told us to get a map, and He pinpointed the location of a key woman who was fighting against us in these spiritual battles. We located her in downtown Detroit at a specific cross streets. The Lord described the building with the terms "basement, crypt, or treasure house." I could not find the right word, and since it was getting quite late at night, I decided to call a friend who lived in the Detroit area and let him know that this woman had come to his area.

This was July 28, 2001. The next day he drove to the cross streets that I told him, and he found the building: "The Personal Vault." He drove past the building and found the woman sitting at a window looking out. She matched the description that God had given us. He stopped in the parking lot to pray further about it, and suddenly the back window of his car froze over with a layer of ice. Since the temperature was in the upper 90's at the time, this seemed unnatural.

The point had been made, however, so he decided to leave, as there was no further work to be done. She threw a temper tantrum (and some ice), but did no real damage.

This stuff sounds crazy, of course. I wrote the story in a report on Feb. 8, 2002, but it was not the kind of story to tell to the public in those days. Hopefully, you who have been following these weblogs for some time now are grown up enough to handle it. I suppose that the lesson to be learned from this is that spiritual warfare is not something to be engaged in lightly or ignorantly. The enemy is very real, their power is real and must be respected. We must be vigilant to be led by the Spirit at all times, so that we do not stray outside of His protective covering.

Lesson #17: As long as we are led by the Spirit, we are invincible.

Even so, the battle is long. Daniel was fighting this same war in his day. We are merely continuing the fight in our generation. The advantage we have, however, is that we live at the end of the age when the Stone is crushing the image on its feet (Dan. 2). While past saints have won battles, we are destined to win the war. We live in the time of victory. We see the Divine Plan unfolding before our eyes, and history is marching toward its destiny that even Daniel saw in Dan. 2:35,

(35) . . . But the stone that struck the statue became a great mountain and filled the whole earth.

The Babylonian king had the revelation (dream), Daniel had the interpretation, and we are the generation of the "foot company" that is witnessing even now the crushing of the Babylonian "statue," beginning with its feet.

It was to this end that God raised up a new Gideon's army in our time. It is really an extension of God's army that has existed in every generation since the beginning of time. The earth's time of bondage is nearly completed, caused by the failure of Israel and Judah to fulfill their calling under the Old Covenant. It was that failure that brought about the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities, along with the succession of empires down to our own time.

God removed Israel and Judah from their positions of authority as God's "elect" (chosen ones), and put in their place a series of "beast" empires. This has lasted a long time, but we are now at the end of those days, when the Lord of Heaven is setting up a Kingdom that will not be temporary and will not pass away.

Lesson #18: Time is on our side.

God created Time, and is its Lord. Therefore, Time works in our favor. Because God uses Time to judge His people, causing them to pass through the fire of tribulation, it appears that Time is our enemy. But God's judgments are temporary and remedial. In the long run, time is on our side. When all of the beast nations have had their opportunity to be "chosen," when they have had ample opportunity to exercise authority to build their utopias (counterfeits of the Kingdom of God), when they have all failed by the power of the flesh and the will of man, then the Day is ours.

This is the Day of the Overcomer. I do not know how long the warfare will yet continue, but I smell victory. Even if I should not see it in my life time, it makes no difference, because God will continue to raise up those that He calls to fill every vacancy in His army. We have all filled vacancies left open from those who have passed on before us. This will continue until all things are under His feet.

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