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OPPD Addresses Fort Calhoun Rumors

Jun 16, 2011

From the news accounts, the fire and flooding at the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant have not turned into anything major. I think that the previous site may have been more suspicious than was warrented in this situation.

Certainly, these things are the kinds of news events that we should watch for, because when they happen, one never knows how they may spiral out of control. And when we hear government reports, we always have to wonder if they are withholding information so as not to cause panic, or if they are really telling us the truth. It appears that this particular event is under control.

Anyway, here are two news accounts . . . . .


June 7 The Fire at the Calhoun Nuclear Plant

Ft. Calhoun, NE- Just before 10 Tuesday morning, officials at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power plant noticed a small fire in a switch gear room.

The fire was contained to an electrical panel. Although it did create quite a bit of smoke, the fire was quickly put out.

Washington County officials say no one was evacuated and there are no safety threats due to the fire. They couldn't say if flooding caused the fire.

Fort Calhoun is currently off-line for refueling. Sandbagging and other precautions continue to protect the plant.  Monday, OPPD notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of a low-level emergency, called Notification of Unusual Event. 

Another article:


Dated June 15

Fort Calhoun, NE - The Missouri River flooding is bringing waves of concern nationwide about the safety of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant.

As the flood waters continue to rise, a spokesman for Omaha Public Power District says the plant is at a "notification of unusual event" classification because of the flood. 

That is the lowest level in an emergency, and no radioactive releases have happened. Company officials say there has been no release of radioactivity at Fort Calhoun Station due to the flooding and none is expected.

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