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Mystery Babylon no longer a mystery

Jun 17, 2011

What happens when the secret government can no longer maintain its secrecy? That is the point when it begins to unravel. The next step is for these men to be arrested, tried, and perhaps even hanged for their crimes. This latest Bilderberger conference was held in Switzerland June 9-12, ending on Pentecost. One Swiss government official tried to get the police to arrest Henry Kissinger for war crimes! It's tough trying to be a secret world leader these days.


By any objective standard, a meeting of over 120 of the world’s most powerful individuals would seem to be extraordinarily newsworthy. But until recently, the confab rarely attracted even a passing mention in the establishment press. The eerie silence fueled deep suspicion and innumerable theories about what the group may be plotting in secret. This year, however, was different,  at least in terms of media coverage.

In a story picked up by numerous large-circulation U.S. newspapers including the Washington Post, for example, the Associated Press wire service described the June 9-12 event as a “secretive gathering of senior government officials and business executives ... that some liken to a shadow world government.” CNBCForbesFox News, the Baltimore SunTime magazine and others also ran stories about Bilderberg.

In China, the media were buzzing with news of the conference, too. One Chinese-language report by the French wire service AFP referred to the group as the “mysterious world shadow government” in a headline, according to Google Translate. Chinese media behemoth United Daily News ran a similar headline for another Bilderberg article.  

European and Russian news outlets offered unprecedented levels of coverage as well, with the Guardian newspaper and the TV network Russia Today both sending correspondents to the scene. Several alternative-media outlets including the American Free Press and InfoWars sent reporters, too. And the Swiss press in particular has been overflowing with reports on Bilderberg for over a week.

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