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Greek crisis and the Jubilee

Jun 29, 2011

According to Mr. Fromm, who was Lindsey Williams' high-level source before he died recently, the euro is going to collapse at some point, followed a few weeks later by the dollar.

I find this to be credible, not only because Mr. Fromm's information has proven to be reliable in the past, but also because I believe the Western banking system is going to be overthrown. God has already taken credit for it in Scripture, but it appears that He is using the very people who created this Babylonian system to bring it down.

THEY think that such a collapse will result in total control on their part. But God has caused them to have confidence in their plan in order to trick them into destroying their own system. It is the principle of Gideon's army of 300, who fought a battle against great odds. Gideon's enemies turned on each other and essentially destroyed each other (Judges 7:22).

It appears that the focal point in the collapse of the euro will be Greece. The country is bankrupt, and the government has just passed a severe austerity measure in order to obtain bail-out money from the European Union. This means the country will have to "privatize" (sell at fire-sale prices) the airport, port facility, and other property to the vultures. It is like selling your house instead of letting it go into foreclosure.

Athens has been seeing riots in the streets. Government leaders are feeling the heat from above and below and are being squeezed in the middle. It is unlikely that these elected officials will survive the next election, and then the austerity measure could be reversed. Unless, of course, the conflict is resolved by civil war.

"The situation that the workers are going through is tragic and we are near poverty levels," said Spyros Linardopoulos, a protester with the PAME union blockading the port of Piraeus earlier in the day. "The government has declared war and to this war we will answer back with war."

The people interviewed in the media seem to be agreed that the government itself is at fault, but that they are making the poor people pay for the sins of government. They would rather default and retain their sovereignty than allow the country to be foreclosed upon just to pay off the debts.

It appears that God is showing the Greek people the value of a biblical Jubilee. No one thought of it while the economies were booming. It is only when the Babylonian debt-money system reaches its intended goal--the subjugation of all--that the people finally wake up and see it for what it is. It is a system designed to shift wealth gradually from the poor to the super-rich. Then when the poor go into hopeless debt, they become total slaves.

As this becomes more and more apparent, we will have more and more opportunity to present them with the Gospel of the Kingdom, which is based upon biblical Law. That includes the Law of Jubilee. As long as Babylon seemed to bring prosperity, the people thought Bible Law was a quaint (if not dangerous) relic of the past. But in the end, men will again cry out to God for deliverance, and once again He will point out their refusal to be obedient to His Law (Judges 6:7-10).

God is pressuring the whole world into declaring a Jubilee. The people are beginning to discover that their real choice is between slavery to Babylon and liberty in Christ. As things get worse, the Gospel of the Kingdom looks better and better. So get ready for an opportunity of a life time to preach the word with boldness.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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