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Economics and the Kingdom

Jun 09, 2011

The debt-usury system of Mystery Babylon, of which the Federal Reserve is Debtor-in-Chief, was doomed from its start. This is because its very success in putting the government (and people) into overwhelming debt is also the reason for the revolt of the debtor class.

The system dictates that the Fed creates money out of nothing and loans it to the government at interest. But it is always the case that more money is owed than is created, making it impossible to pay off the debt in the end. It is only viable as long as the interest payments can be paid. As soon as the interest payments themselves become unbearable, the government has no choice but to default.

At that point, the people either allow the owners of the Fed to foreclose on the government and take ownership of America (via its government) or the people revolt and use some lamp posts for something other than holding light bulbs.

We are quite near to that tipping point in history today. The mortgage crisis in 2007, followed by the banking crisis in 2008 and the general financial crisis today has brought about a huge spike in government debt. This is why Republicans have dug in their heels, refusing to raise the debt ceiling on the national debt. The Democrats, on the other hand, want to spend more to stimulate the economy, bring in more tax revenue, and give the government the financial means to pay more interest on ever-increasing debt.

Neither side wants to talk about the real problem. It is not really about how to stimulate the economy. A good economy merely gives us the ability to pay more interest to the banks for a while longer. That is, until the next financial crisis again makes this impossible.

The real problem is the Fed's monopoly on the ability to create money and loan it to the government at interest. This is what happened in February of 1914 when President Wilson was blackmailed into signing the Federal Reserve Act. This gave away the government's right to create money into the hands of private bankers who were shareholders in the Federal Reserve Bank.

That was the most disastrous power grab in history. It brought America into bondage to the bankers of Mystery Babylon. It also put our American Titanic on a collision course with the iceberg of overwhelming debt.

The Republican plan is trying to stop raising the debt ceiling and slash spending, while retaining the Federal Reserve System. That is an impossible scenario, because the moment you stop borrowing, the money supply begins to shrink. That is what brings about recessions and depressions. More money goes out through interest payments than returns through borrowing.

The Democratic plan is to increase the debt by borrowing more. They, too, want to keep the Fed in place, rather than solve the root problem.

Right now, we are in so deep that neither the Republican nor the Democratic plan is going to work. The only difference is that the Republican plan would bring the crisis to a head a little sooner than the Democratic plan. The Democratic plan would try to outrun the default by borrowing more money. It would extend the life of Mystery Babylon by a few months or years, but ultimately, we cannot borrow our way out of debt.

Fed Chairman Bernanke has been creating money in QE 1 and QE2 for the past couple of years to try to pump more money into the economy, so that people have enough to pay their debts. He now admits that these policies have failed. He is telling us that he will not do a QE 3.

Bernanke acknowledged the recovery has fallen short of the central bank's expectations by a number of different measures: Unemployment is high, and workers who do find work often must accept lower wages than they previously earned. Home prices are falling at a newly accelerating rate, making homeowners more vulnerable to default and foreclosure. Oil is trading at levels reminiscent of 2008, when months of record-high fuel prices helped drag the economy into recession.

But the central bank's ability to boost the economy, or its willingness to attempt to do so, has reached a limit.


Frankly, I do not believe him, because He will have no choice but to create more money and loan it out at interest. The alternative is to allow a default. Unless, of course, he intends to bring about a default, thinking that his bosses will succeed in foreclosing on America and the world.

Personally, I think we are due for a Jubilee, a divine reset, a cancellation of all debt. We will find it impossible to do otherwise. The solution is in the Bible. Let's enter the Promised Land, cancel all debt, give every family a piece of land, and give the power back to the government to create money in quantities that are based upon the actual assets and GDP of the country.

See my booklet, Biblical Money: The Silver-Barley Standard.

If we did even this much, in one generation we would be wealthy beyond anyone's dreams. However, to really have long-term prosperity, we would have to implement the rest of God's Law as well. Obviously, we would have to outlaw all interest on money (usury), which God calls a "sin."

Secondly, we would have to limit national citizenship to Christians only. A nation cannot stand on "diversity of religion," though this is a foundational belief of Mystery Babylon. Such "diversity" is only a ploy to destroy Christianity by diluting it to the point of irrelevancy. To the extent that we allow people of other religions to enjoy citizenship is the extent to which a nation diverges from the Kingdom of God.

The Bible does not allow freedom to worship all of those other gods. Having said that, the more urgent problem is that many Christians have little respect for God's Law, thinking it is somehow evil and even "ungodly." Christians still largely reject the divine law because they disagree with how God thinks. They want to put on the mind of Christ in theory, but in practice, they do not realize that His mind was expressed in the Law.

Our problem today is not unique. The Israelites of old disagreed with His Law, too. Without a permanent change of heart, the House of Israel could never be the Kingdom of God. Likewise, in the past 2,000 years, there have been Christian Nations, but this is not the same as the Kingdom of God. A Christian Nation is an attempt to establish the Kingdom of God, but it only succeeds in proportion to the hearts of its citizenry.

This was Israel's problem. The prophets understood this and preached accordingly. It was the same during the power heydays of the Roman Catholic Church. The Pilgrims and Puritans wanted a Christian Republic in America, but only got a compromised version of it. The leaven grew from there and soon leavened the whole system of law and government.

Many of the early Christians in America gave credence to God's Law in theory, but most of them lacked any real knowledge of it. They preferred prisons to the Law's system of restitution. They allowed usury and established the first Bank of America. They built a system of inequality and treated the Indians as if they were Old Testament Canaanites getting in the way of "Manifest Destiny."

And it was impossible to keep out non-Christians, because there were so many of them here already. And even if they had succeeded, would their children and grandchildren continue to know God? Hence, there is something better for us in the future of the earth.

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