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A Split Pentecost this year?

Jun 13, 2011

We received subtle verifications of the importance of Pentecost yesterday, but nothing really unusual or "big."

Last night, however, the Lord began to show me a new factor that I had not yet understood.

Recall that ten years ago (2001) we held a series of prayer campaigns in February and March that were designed to overthrow the Seven Princes over America. Collectively, these were the "golden calves" set up by King Jeroboam, the first king of the Divided Kingdom (1 Kings 12:25-30).

When God cast out the House of Israel and sent them to Assyria, it was primarily on account of those golden calves. Israel remained under the influence of those golden calves throughout the time of their captivity--until 2001, when the Overcomers received the necessary revelation to deal with the problem, at least insofar as America is concerned.

We were led into spiritual warfare and completed this on March 24, 2001. That was the date of America's DIVORCE from the golden calves, for these were the "lovers" that Israel had pursued during its time of captivity, according to Hosea 2:6, 7,

(6) Therefore, behold, I will hedge up her way with thorns, and I will build a wall against her so that she cannot find her paths [back to the old land]. (7) And she will pursue her lovers, but she will not overtake [nasag, "be able to secure"] them; and she will seek them, but will not find them. Then she will say, "I will go back to my first husband, for it was better for me then than now."

In other words, these Israelites would continue to worship the spirit of those golden calves, but ultimately, they would discover that they could not attain them, secure them, or hold on to them. At that point, she will say, "I think I'll go back to my first husband, when I was much better off."

I believe that the year 2001 was the point where Israel as a body could no longer retain those golden calves. After the prayer campaigns, America was given a divorce from those golden calves. Then a month later, the Lord led us to take it a step further and annul that marriage from the beginning. This was done in order to disinherit the children of that marriage, for God will not give the Inheritance to any other than His own sons.

Then in May 2001 we were led to issue a New Covenant Marriage Proposal in the name of Jesus Christ. This was mailed out on May 18 to a limited mailing list--a cross section of the overcomers who were to act as spokesmen for the nation. Keep in mind that this was an Overcomer work, made possible by the fact that the full transfer of authority from Saul to David had already been completed the previous November 2000.

The response was to be monitored on June 19, 2001. Of course, the Proposal was accepted. I wrote about this in chapter 29 of my book, The Wars of the Lord, posted online.

God saw fit to present Israel with a great Diamond Ring in the sky. It came in the form of a solar eclipse on June 21, 2001. The eclipse looked like a great diamond ring. Read about it here:


This brings us to the present time, ten years later. As I have written before, we often see the "Hezekiah Factor" bring spiritual things to the surface ten years later. Next Sunday is ten years after the Marriage Proposal was accepted on June 19, 2001.

So last night it finally occurred to me that Pentecost was not only a coronation ceremony (as pictured by King Saul and later in Acts 2 with the coronation of the Church), but it was also a marriage or wedding between Jesus Christ (Yahweh) and Israel. This marriage united heaven and earth. It united the Head and the Body as well.

But the calendar Pentecost itself occurred on June 12, not on June 19. For this reason, I had missed the connection. Yet this year we have been seeing many double feasts. There has been the two Passovers in April and May. Then we saw the two weeks of Unleavened Bread in the pattern of Hezekiah's Second Passover (May 19-25-June 1). Even so it did not occur to me that we might also have a double Pentecost.

I contemplated the possibility of Pentecost 50 days after April 24, along with another Pentecost 50 days after May 22, but was too calendar-minded to think of June 19 as another side of Pentecost. Last night, however, it occurred to me that Pentecost is a marriage ceremony, and June 19 is the day in 2001 when America said, "I ACCEPT." The acceptance of the Marriage Proposal ten years ago is now resurfacing on the next level with the final "I DO" acceptance.

In the natural, when a woman accepts a marriage proposal, she becomes betrothed, or "engaged." It was not the wedding itself. So it is with this great Marriage Proposal. Ten years ago was like a betrothal, but now it seems to be the real deal, where we pass the point of no return.

For this reason, I began to view Pentecost of 2011 as being split into two pieces. June 12 was the normal, calendar Pentecost, but Part Two is the Marriage of June 19.

If I am seeing this right, then we should also see the Dowry being given, for this was part of the revelation in 2001. In Scripture, the Groom's father gave a dowry to the guardian of the Bride. This Dowry served as an insurance policy in case her husband were killed, or if he divorced her. The guardian held her dowry in trust for her, investing it and increasing the fund, so that as she bore children, the fund would be able to support her and the children in case of her husband's death (or divorce).

In our case, Jesus Christ is the Groom, and the Father is the Most High God (El Elyon). The Overcomers are the guardians of the Bride. The Bride has been given the Ring as the token of her betrothal, but she has yet to receive her Dowry. It will be interesting to watch next week to see if my viewpoint proves to be accurate or not.

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