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A New Look at June 30--Part 2 Final

Jun 28, 2011

Yesterday I leaned toward the opinion that the dinar revaluation would probably be delayed for two months until August 19-30. I based this on the patterns of 1997. Even as the intercessors made their trip to China from June 19 to July 1, so also did my wife and I make a trip to Corpus Christi from August 19 to Sept. 1.

But I think I now have a better handle on the distinct purposes for these two trips. The first was to intercede for China when it took the Pearl of the Orient (Hong Kong) on July 1st. This involved a transfer of authority from one dragon to another.


The second trip involved a different kind of pearl. It was the Pearl of Great Price, the Body of Christ. Hence, my trip was to Corpus Christi to pray for protection for the Bride and the Body of Christ.

In comparing these two trips and applying them to the events of 2011, it seems more plausible that the dinar would revalue on the night of June 30. That is this Thursday evening. If this does happen, then the banks would have an extra-long week end in which to prepare.

It is also the day that Iraq's Prime Minister Maliki declared as "Independence Day" in 2009.

Just a few days ago [written July 7, 2009], on June 30, coalition forces pulled combat units out of Iraqi cities, leaving the Iraqi Army and national police to assume the duty of maintaining the peace and safety of their citizens. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki proclaimed that day a holiday and declared it to be Iraq's "Independence Day."


So there are some compelling reasons for this revaluation to occur at this time. Whether this actually happens or not remains to be seen, of course.

There is also that bizarre "Charles" connection between the two trips (China and Corpus Christi). On the night of June 30, Prince Charles represented Britain in the transfer of the Pearl of the Orient back to China (after the 99-year lease expired from 1898). Two months later, after we made the trip to protect the Pearl of Great Price, we saw how Princess Diana (ex-wife of Charles) was in a car accident in Paris on the night of August 30, and then being pronounced dead a few hours later.

Prince Charles was thus connected to both events.

Anyway, the June event shows us that God had empowered China in order to give them the same opportunity as with Cyrus and Darius in ancient times. The opportunity is to fund the Kingdom of God. Hence, Cyrus was a type of Messiah (Isaiah 45:1) in the overthrow of Babylon, and Darius the Mede organized the Kingdom into 120 provinces, putting Daniel at the head of the governors (Dan. 6:1).

These Scriptures clearly show that the Kings of the East have a Kingdom role to play, as far as God is concerned. That role was not fully realized in Daniel's time, but the repeat performance in our time, I believe, will see the Kingdom actually funded and established.

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