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May 12, 2011

New Madrid Fault Intercession

We just returned from Arkansas after being gone 10 days. On the surface, this trip was somewhat of a vacation to visit family. Darla was on duty taking care of grandchildren while one of our daughters was on vacation for their 17th anniversary.

I myself drove back and forth along the New Madrid fault four times from one end to the other. As usual, the Lord used the "vacation" as an excuse to do some intercession and spiritual warfare to prevent (or postpone) a large earthquake along this fault line that runs through the middle of America.

Seeing that May 18 is the Second Passover this year (14th day of the 2nd month), and May 22 is the wave-sheaf offering for the same, these dates have indirect spiritual connections to the earthquake that occurred when Jesus was crucified at Passover and the second when He was raised from the dead.

Having seen this sort of thing before, these dates are still watch dates, because when a primary "target" is blocked, a secondary target is normally struck in a different location--one that is not as well defended. Often this occurs in other countries where there are fewer intercessors. We will have to watch and see what develops from May 18-22 this year.

US Reaching its debt limit Monday

The US Treasury sold bonds this week that must be settled as of next Monday. If the debt ceiling is not raised, they will go over the debt limit and they say that a default would then occur August 2nd.

Meanwhile, the impasse in Congress continues. Republicans want "trillions" of dollars in spending cuts. If they got their way, they would make just about everyone angry with them. The public wants "cuts" in theory, but not in practice. Likewise, the Republicans want to keep the subsidies for oil companies--a position that can hardly gain them any popularity among the people, but the oil companies are likely to bankroll their runs for office.

The public has a short memory when it comes to issues. They are more likely to be swayed by the TV ads shortly before the election.

Republicans are counting on it. Democrats will do what they can to remind voters of this in order to drown out the "Obamacare" issue.

Elijah and Elisha

We completed the 8th sign of Elisha last July, which equals the 8 miracle-signs of Elijah. We have been waiting for the double portion of Elisha to begin (signs 9-16).

If you recall, Elisha's first 8 miracles equal that of Elijah. We saw last December the Mount Carmel fire, which told us that we were still in the final days of "Elijah" and had not yet entered the time of the double portion.

From May 3-12, 2011 we discerned by events (while on my recent trip) that the time of Elijah had ended. The end began on May 3 and was fully completed this morning, May 12.

That means the way is now clear for the 9th sign of Elisha described at the end of 2 Kings 4. As I have written often in past months, I believe that the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar ["Provision"] is that 9th sign of Elisha. The signs are all pointing to this event, so we expect it to be fulfilled soon.

$50 Silver

After nearly hitting $50 on April 28, silver was forced back down as low as $32. This was the result of government regulators forcing buyers to put up more money on the purchase of silver futures contracts. The requirements went up 84% in just 8 days.


Those who had already bought on margin had to sell some of their silver, while those who wished to purchase silver had to pay more up front--hence, they could not buy as much as they might have wished. This gave a big advantage to the sellers shorting the market, so that they could drive down the price and stave off bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, this had little or no effect on the actual supply of silver, which remains in short supply.

So silver is once again available at bargain prices. It is my personal belief that silver will hit $50 about the time that the "arms of silver" overthrow the Babylonian "head of gold" (Daniel 2). This could well happen by the end of this month, or any time after May 22.

The Rapture to occur May 21 at 6:00 p.m.

Since at least last year, Harold Camping has been predicting the "rapture" for May 21, 2011. I heard on today's news that a world-wide earthquake is slated to occur at 6:00 p.m. on May 21. Location? "Everywhere." You may want to mark this on your calendar and be sure to get all your important work done before that deadline. Be on the lookout for white-robed people on mountain tops.

It looks like those raptured will miss the events of May 22. Sorry to hear that. But I suspect that Mr. Camping will be too busy trying to figure out how his calculations were wrong--again. Be sure that he will find an alternative rapture date in the not-too-distant future.

I have often seen how God can speak through donkeys. People can be right and wrong at the same time, especially when God makes asses out of them. I see the possibility that May 22 could be the time of the 9th sign of Elisha which goes beyond "Elijah." Is it possible that Mr. Camping's "rapture" prophecy is marking the time of the "ascension of Elijah" and the beginning of Elisha?

Hmm. The ascension and end of Elijah's phase on May 21. The Elisha phase begins May 22??

This is going to be interesting.

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