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Trip Report

May 23, 2011

Yesterday morning we were led to pray for the protection of the overcomers. This was a few hours before the tornadoes struck Joplin and other places.

A tornado also hit Fridley, MN about 1/4 mile from my office and about the same distance from Deanna's house. (She is my secretary.) I just wanted to let everyone know that we are alright. Being in Nebraska right now, we missed the excitement. We will be able to assess things better when we get home tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we have a more formal meeting this evening. As of noon today, we completed all the "business" of the Kingdom that we needed to do. I will try to give a report on this when the notes are put together. Our business had to do with the preparing for the second work of Christ, which we believe is imminent (by next year).

Also, in my previous blog I left out the word "not" which caused some heart flutters. I meant to say that I did NOT think it was likely that we would have to wait until next year's wave-sheaf offering to see Elisha's 9th sign fulfilled. I corrected yesterday's blog.

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