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Spain: The Secondary Target

May 13, 2011

It appears that yesterday's quake in southern Spain might be the "secondary target" that I mentioned in my earlier blog. The intercessory work along the New Madrid fault in America ended May 11.

The following article is dated May 13 and speaks of the quake happening "yesterday," or May 12. It seems quite obvious that the New Madrid fault is connected by name to Madrid, Spain.


"Two moderate earthquakes struck southeast Spain in less than two hours yesterday, shaking the popular tourist region of Murcia and killing eight.

"According to the United States Geological Survey, the first earthquake, measuring a magnitude of 4.5, struck at 5.05 pm local time and was followed by a magnitude 5.1 mainshock in the same location almost two hours later, at 6.47pm....

Maureen drew my attention to this quake today. She writes the following from Belfast, N. Ireland about the word she spoke at the Manassas conference [or Washington DC] last month:

It was the name 'Murcia' that caught my attention for it made me think of 'mercy' which is what I called out in Washington on Tuesday 26th. April '11.  Below is an excerpt from Bill's report:

"Maureen then spoke, " Seeing that we have said, " Let the new government of God be reflected in this earth." Well, let there be a flow out from the new government - for the government that's been here cannot help this people. But we call out, Mercy here! Mercy, mercy, mercy, unto this people! When the shaking comes, and when the flooding comes, and the streets are riven - we call out Mercy, Mercy, Mercy. And let those that look unto God, look unto Jesus - let them find refuge and safety.  Under His wings may they trust.  ( Note: Bill is standing with the Butterfly flag fluttering over the heads as this is spoken )."

There may be further ramifications of this later, but it appears that for now we can say that the intercessory work along the New Madrid fault from May 3-11 was designed to defend the heartland of America from a truly massive earthquake. The secondary target was southern Spain in the region of Murcia, but the intensity of the quake was greatly lessened in the process.

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