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Sales of Iraqi dinars coming to an end

May 10, 2011

It appears that the dinar market is in the process of drying up now.

Dinar Trade has ceased from selling dinars, and many other banks have also quit selling them. A number of dinar bloggers have also found reasons to stop blogging or to take vacations now.

May 22 is when the President's Executive Order expires, which has allowed the sale of dinars in the US for the past few years. (Executive Order 13303 dated May 22, 2003). This date in 2011 happens to be the day of the wave-sheaf offering for the Second Passover. (See the May issue of the FFI.)

This Friday is the final date that you will be able to purchase dinars from Brother Vinnie. That means you will have to complete the transaction by Friday. Saturday and Sunday will be too late, so please do not call him Friday afternoon and expect him to sell you dinars.

So if you wish to make some final purchases, please give Brother Vinnie a call as soon as possible.


It appears that we are nearing the end of this long ride.

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