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Peter Nimrod heads the Mississippi Levee Board

May 07, 2011

The Mississippi River delta has been compared historically to the Nile River delta in Egypt. Hence we see all the cities in the area named after cities in Egypt.

Memphis, TN
Cairo, IL
Egypt, AR
Alexandria, MO

Egypt, in turn, is a biblical type of the world. It is also a type of "the house of bondage," because all of the systems and governments of men in the end put men into bondage, rather than set men free. In this way, Egypt is equated to Assyria and to Babylon and even to the Old Jerusalem (Rev. 11:8 and Gal. 4:25).

On May 3, 2011 the Mississippi River levee was destroyed in one place in order to allow the water to flood 130,000 acres of farmland to protect Cairo, Illinois. The Levee board has opposed this plan and filed a lawsuit to stop it, but they were unsuccessful in defending "Egypt" from the floodwater.

The Board is getting a new Chief Engineer to head up the organization. His name is Peter Nimrod.

I have no doubt that he is a great person to know, but the types and signs that God engineers always makes me laugh out loud. Nimrod, after all, was the founder of the city of Babylon (Gen. 10:9, 10).


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