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Osama bin Laden is dead

May 02, 2011

It is now official. Osama bin Laden is dead.

I hate to be cynical, but I don't trust government truth-telling ability any more today than our founders did 200 years ago. Our government's long-standing policy of deceiving the public "for their own good" has made many of us skeptical of anything it tells us.

Back in 2009 a report came out that bin Laden had been dead already for 7 years. It says,

This new offensive [against bin Laden in 2009] is, of course, based on the premise that the 9/11 terrorist is alive. After all, there are the plethora of 'Bin Laden tapes' to prove it.

Yet what if he isn't? What if he has been dead for years, and the British and U.S. intelligence services are actually playing a game of double bluff?

What if everything we have seen or heard of him on video and audio tapes since the early days after 9/11 is a fake - and that he is being kept 'alive' by the Western allies to stir up support for the war on terror?

Incredibly, this is the breathtaking theory that is gaining credence among political commentators, respected academics and even terror experts.

Of course, there have been any number of conspiracy theories concerning 9/11, and it could be this just another one.

But the weight of opinion now swinging behind the possibility that Bin Laden is dead - and the accumulating evidence that supports it - makes the notion, at the very least, worthy of examination.


In David Frost's interview with Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan in 2007, she mentioned in passing the name of the man (Omar Sheik) who had killed Osama bin Laden. You can hear her say so about 6 minutes into this U-Tube video interview.


Some suggest that Bhutto's continued insistence that bin Laden had been killed in 2002 was the real reason for her assassination later. Perhaps she was revealing truth that would mess up the plan to keep bin Laden alive. Someone needed bin Laden to remain alive in order for the American government to grab more power and to pass more laws restricting the freedom of Americans via the "Patriot Act."

There is no way for us to know for sure what is going on. Our government has too many secrets and considers its lies to be perfectly legal and even virtuous.

So I remain skeptical.

But the most recent announcement does show that bin Laden is indeed dead, whether this was accomplished in 2002 or just yesterday. May 1, 2011 surely is an important date in history, and I find it curious that it would come on the 235th anniversary of the founding of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776.

Time will tell just what sort of change is coming to the world.

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