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Nuclear Dangers developing in the Middle East

May 06, 2011

The US government's strategy, first revealed in late 2001, has been to transform the Middle East nations into "democratic" style governments.

It is toward this end that elements within our own government planted thermite in the World Trade Center buildings and demolished them under cover of two airliners.

This served to give us the excuse to go to war once again, first with Afghanistan and then with Iraq. Now that those wars seem to be winding down (or at least under control), it has come time to fund the so-called "popular uprisings" in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, and Syria. The purpose of this strategy is to overthrow the strong men ruling those countries in order to weaken their ability to make war with Israel. This appears to be a necessary prerequisite to the Israeli plan to attack Iran. These other nations will be so pre-occupied with internal strife and revolution that they will not be in a position to do more than talk tough.

This war strategy, of course, is actually part of a deeper plan that was formulated by Albert Pike in the late 1800's, in which he suggested fomenting three world wars to bring the world under the domination of his cohorts. I have posted the text of Pike's letter to Mazzini a number of times.

Lord Stirling discusses the dangers of this joint US/Israeli war strategy against Syria in his blogs below:

These evil men are determined to wipe out a large portion of humanity, and (as Pike wrote) to make Jews, Christians, and Muslims disillusioned with their own religions by destroying the Israeli state. He believed that the destruction of Jerusalem would cause these people to convert to Luciferianism, which was his own religious preference.

Of course, most of the revolutionaries on the ground in Libya and Syria have no clue how they are being manipulated and used for other purposes. All they know is that they want more liberty. But their willingness to go to war, fight, and kill to achieve those ends is something that is being used to establish Pike's Luciferian plan.

Even the Israeli Likud Party, which is the hard-line war party, and the Neo-cons in America are being used to destroy the Israeli state. None of them realize this, of course. The Christian neo-cons in America should know better, because even they believe that most Jews in Israel will be killed, and that Christ will come at the last minute to save the remaining 144,000. Let's see, if their eschatology is correct, then they are expecting close to 6 million Jews to be killed just before the return of Christ.

The problem is that these Christians are pushing the Israelis into a hard-line position for the same reason that the Iranian President is doing it. Achmedinejad wants the 12th Imam to appear, but to make that happen, some kind of apocalyptic holocaust must first occur. That same spirit pervades Christianity, and it is not the Spirit of Christ.

These Zionist Christians want Christ to return so badly that they are willing to push the Jews into the fire of tribulation. There is a strange blindness in all of this. All I can say is "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." What will they say when they discover that the very people they encouraged to move to the Israeli state (and perhaps paid their one-way ticket) will be killed in a nuclear holocaust which they knew was coming!

The shock to the Christian world will be unprecedented when this happens. Like Judas, they will discover that they have betrayed the very Jewish people that they claim to love.

In that day it will be extremely important to know how the Scriptures have prophesied all of this, even prophesying of the Church's blindness in this. It will be our task to restore the faith of these devastated Christians who will be asking why Christ did not come to save Jerusalem from nuclear destruction.

I suggest that in all of your preparation and food storage, you may want to stock up on some books as well. Because it looks like the danger is increasing in the Middle East these days, you may want to stock up on The Struggle for the Birthright. I have just reprinted 3,000 copies of this book, because of the political situation that is now developing.

For those of you who want to engage in some "book storage" program, I am willing to give you half price on orders of 10 or more of The Struggle for the Birthright. The book is normally $20 each. For 10 copies of the book, please send a check (or use PayPal) for just $100 plus $10 postage, and let me know that you are ordering this book.

By the way, we also continue to offer Potassium Iodate in our "Health Products" section. We already saw how supplies ran out everywhere when the nuclear danger in Japan struck in March. That was nothing compared to the danger to Jerusalem that is now developing. Don't wait for the bombs to go off before getting your supply, because you may not be able to obtain any. Keep in mind that the raw material for Potassium Iodate comes from India, and it takes quite a while to ship it over here.

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